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The Sarcasm Trap – Introduction

Have you ever had the impression that no matter how THICKLY you lay sarcasm on…

– even if you give SPOILERS that you are being sarcastic –

That people STILL take it the wrong way?…

That’s because the unconscious / subconscious mind doesn’t understand sarcasm in certain contexts.

This is very important to understand, so please read this carefully:

The unconscious mind doesn’t understand sarcasm in many forms.  photo sarcasm.jpg

If someone says something, so that the audience can HEAR and SEE the person, then there are various cues such as tone of voice and body language. The unconscious mind picks up on these cues.

So if something sarcastic is said IN PERSON or as a VIDEO by a SKILLED ACTOR, the mixed messages reach the unconscious and it will create dissonance.

But it is still risky, and for purely written communication it DOESN’T WORK.

That’s because the unconscious mind can’t process the intent from just written text.

It’s similar to the way children don’t understand sarcasm, or how the unconscious mind doesn’t understand negations.

This is well-known in the field of hypnosis and NLP.

That being said, few people really come to grips with this.

The Sarcasm Trap is something all-too-easy to fall into.

Even some White geNOcide messages have been altered over the years because of this. A case in point:

Canada is 63% Racist and 37% Diverse. The U.S. is 61% Racist and 39% Diverse. Australia is 69% Racist and 31% Diverse. Europe is 82% Racist and 18% Diverse.


– Anti-racist logic

“Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

Note that the line “- Anti-racist logic” was added some time ago, because audiences didn’t “get it”.

And even with THIS line, many people STILL get the wrong idea…

But don’t blame the audience. You have to change the message.

It is NOT the intent of the communicator; it is HOW the message is understood.

So especially in purely written communication, stop the sarcasm!

The unconscious mind doesn’t understand it. It takes it literally!



Just So Reporting Leads to Sucker Punches

The British Public is Asking Why Pollsters Didn’t Warn Them of Brexit Vote.

52% of the British public voted to pull the UK out of the EU.  photo pollsters.jpg

Then there was this lead article saying that the “British public was upset at pollsters not telling them what THEY were about to do”.

WHICH British public did which?

Nobody else will notice this.

The answer is that the pollsters didn’t see anything coming because they have no idea who The British Public IS!

WHICH British public? The one that voted Brexit or the one that was astonished at what THEY did?

Every single article attacked Brexit.

Then the Brits voted for it.

It’s not at all surprising the pollsters got caught with their pants down.

And there doesn’t seem much hope pollsters will get anywhere by reporting on two different “British publics.”

Maybe they need to stop reinforcing each others ideas and start asking the PUBLIC about the public.



Bob RAW #007

Bob Raw #007 – Elections are substitutes for something a whole lot nastier – CIVIL WAR

Bob Raw #007 – Elections make the decision that a battlefield may have to make. Once you have to justify your freedoms, you are a slave

Bob Raw #007 – Artifical Intelligence, Automation and Artifical Will



Ridding the Earth of the Evil Whites

In denying charges of White genocide, anti-Whites are now going beyond all previous limits in denouncing White people.

The SPLC denounces a mythical White race which is pure Evil. Their Evil Whites have no homeland at all.

All these Evil Whites do is take. At least the Learned Elders of Zion were supposed to be greedy JEWS. But the ADL’s whites seem to have done nothing but take away the land of others.  photo evil white.jpg

The anti-Semites’ Learned Elders were at least greedy JEWS. The anti-Whites’ version of White people seem to have no origin except in the Medieval Inquisitors’ imaginary homeland of Hell.

In the anti-Whites sick vision the White race comes onto the scene of history doing nothing but TAKING.

They attacks the term “White genocide,” but they do nothing from the word go except JUSTIFYING a program of ridding the world of these purely evil White people they imagine.

Anti-Whites declare that they are offended by being accused of advocating White genocide, but they then go onto describe White people as a pure nightmare of evil.

Can these Whites be the race which rid the world of smallpox and reduced starvation to hunger at most throughout the world? You won’t see the least bit of credit given to White people given by these rabid anti-Whites. According to the anti-Whites, Whites do nothing but take and invade!

Every word anti-Whites say in response to the charge of White genocide is a justification for that exact policy.


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What Makes Godzilla Look Like A Lame Kitten?

From the first moment of the movie, Godzilla is titanic, a force of nature one never even imagines.

And he’s dead meat.

Ferocious Godzilla’s life span as the Monster of the Universe is limited by another factor.

We call it “chatter.”

We call it “just talk.”  photo hillsniper01.jpg

His death is not dependent on the action of Great Heroes.

He will live until some guy who can’t fly because he wears glasses gets a report through to HQ. They will then chatter a command to some other guy sitting at a desk. Soon Godzilla, and Godzilla’s big brother, are strictly past tense.

When I worked on Capitol Hill one of  the best stories, which could have been true, was about an office manager who had worked at the Defense Department.

Until she misplaced a regiment. She put an entire combat regiment into the wrong base in the wrong state.

That regiment could have had a nuclear weapon. That regiment would have taken out Godzilla.

She mixed up the communications and misplaced it.

BUGS is group dedicated to bringing chatter to a professional level.

We have made things go viral and we may have discovered a new rule that groups who fund raise under the present system have to cripple themselves in terms of the power that would vaporize Godzilla.


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