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There Have Been Presidential Elections Before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me admit up front that I don’t read a lot of hired political commentary.

But if you take a BUGS-type look at it, what stands out to me is that someone reading up on the 2016 contest could get the idea that it is the first, the last and only election in America.

This is a pure BUGS Observation. It is perfectly obvious and perfectly ignored. The word “genocide” is thrown around by anti-whites or damned near anything unpleasant that is done to any race — except the White one.

When the Black Panthers started off with violence fifty or sixty years ago, force used by the police against them was instantly labelled “genocide.”

But there is a worldwide program to locate any country which has “too many Whites”, other studies are conducted to find out which area inside the “too White country” to see where there are “too many Whites.”   A program is started to send non-Whites into those “too White” areas.

We named that program what it is, it is White Genocide. Its aim is to get rid of the White race everywhere on earth.

So arresting armed Black Panthers for planning violence and going armed is obviously genocide. I never heard one single objection to that term applied that way.

But a worldwide program to chase down every pocket of Whites in the population of every White country on earth cannot be called genocide. In America if you call White Genocide by its name your career is ruined, with the full encouragement of the entire Judicial Branch.

But if we had not started the movement that made White Genocide viral, nobody would have mentioned it.

Once they get hold of one of these observations, BUGSERS are irreplaceable.

We are used to taking such a truth and going with it.

NOBODY else is.

Once you take a look at it, the fact, that no other presidential election is ever mentioned in commentary on 2016, like other such points we fix on, becomes ever more fascinating.

We point out that that elephant in the living room is an elephant, and does not belong in your average living room.

In other years and other elections, I would make points like this and the response would be, “Ain’t that something?” Then the conversation turns to its usual subjects, like what a cute tie one guy in the discussion had on.

I can hand a point like this to BUGSERS and they immediately begin to figure out exactly how to make the best of the point.

You can’t really understand what a relief this is to me unless you have been making obsverations like this through fifty weary years of seeing what nobody else sees and watching them proceed to forget it.

We bitch at each other a lot, but a BUGSER is a new and unique breed.

So far I have compared 2016 to 1856 and 1860.  photo fdr5.jpg

Another relevant example might be the landslide of 1932, when Franklin Roosevelt and the Democrats went a very long way toward wiping Republicans off the political map.

One quote about that election resounds in my mind:

“In 1932 President Herbert Hoover got more votes than anyone who had every run for president, with one exception.”

It was a pretty important exception, since it referred to the new president, Mr. Roosevelt.

There was only one way Hoover could have gotten an unprecedented number of votes and Roosevelt to have trounced him anyway.

In 1932 there were a lot more voters. People who seldom ever voted poured into the polling places.

Hillary stated flatly that at least a quarter of the American electorate was to be totally ignored. That is an unprecedented declaration.

Obviously that quarter of the electorate consists of tens of millions of Americans who Hillary has long since given up on.

A major portion of this giant constituency consists of people who do not bother to go to the polls.

That is what the 1932 landslide was all about. Millions of habitual non-voters, infuriated at the Depression and often personally desperate, marched to the polls and transformed the commentators’ fixed concept of those who actually voted.

Us political obsessives get obsessed with numbers like this.

There is a consistent proportion of the American electorate which does not like the choices they are offered.

They are totally ignored by professional commentators. Why write about people who are not going to be interested in the election?

In cases like this arithmetic can become fascinating. A few percent could be a revolution.


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We Cannot Live in Fear

Even Laura is a bit worried about trying to have a life, to build a career, while any enemy can strap “White Genocide” around her neck forever.  It is like the writer of “How to make yourself arrest proof” said about being arrested.

We cannot allow the few brave young people who have dared to call this genocide by its name be quietly ruined by any informant.

Please read that lst sentence carefully.

Please read it again.

We need a HUGE SWARM, and it won’t wait until Aunt Hattie gets back from that trip.

Anti-Whites would NEVER hesitate.



When the government targets a population by race, and then pledges all its resources to find anywhere there are “too many Whites,” and then openly goes after community, or county, or state, or country, that is GENOCIDE.

One community of Hasidic Jews consists of some 60,000 Hasidics living together. The area is all-White, but nobody, but NOBODY, is going to commit government resources to chase them down.

Jews, especially Hasidics, no longer put up with that kind of crap.

That area is upper income, safe, highly educated, and all the other things that infuriate anti-Whites about an overly White area. In fact, the Hasidics there would be the envy of the WASP snobs who once DID do EXACTLY what is now being done to Whites.

Gee, whiz, do you think that community might respond to government attempts to break it up with a word like, say, GENOCIDE?

I publicly ask Donald Trump, right here, to save the young people who use the term he retweeted TWICE.

Don’t say I of all people don’t understand how preoccupied the candidate is in a campaign. This is pure gold. This is the Hillary crowd following up her demand that a quarter of the American electorate be openly ignored with a cuckservative district attorney in West Virginia taking the lead in destroying the career of a young person who repeated TRUMP’S OWN TWEET!

A campaign staffer that doesn’t see THAT needs to be cleaned out.  photo In-Trump-We-Trust-AC.jpg

I am now composing another letter to Ann Coulter, to whom Trump WILL talk & listen.

Mr. Trump made a couple of steps in the backing down on immigration, the backing down I predicted and in the case of any Republicans standard practice.

Trump’s base started raising hell.

Then Trump did something that no Republican EVER does.


He went with his base instead of trying to get the media to love him!

Let me tell you, as one who has been in the thick of campaingns since the 1950s, LISTENING is something Republicans NEVER do!  Ignoring their base for the media is the way Republicans spent a GENERATION as “The Minority” in both Houses of Congress.

Coulter must remind Trump of the advice she has already repeatedly given him in her best-selling books.

Everything is aleady here that is needed for a political revolution except BUGS.



Some people who are new here might try to hide behind the old “Do what?”

BUGSERS have made one thing after another go VIRAL!

You can also offer us HELP.

BUGSERS are so self-sufficient I don’t even know in detail how you DO it!

ONE offer of help has come in after that first article begging your help.

You can’t imagine how we celebrate it when ONE BUGSER contacts us to offer help.

We need morale boosts just like humans do.

I need you.

We have a number of groups on the net. Go there for contact info.

Remember, we cannot put personal information out there beasue of the very terrorism I am begging you to fight now.



Open Letter to Mr. Patrick Morrisey, Attorney General of West Virginia


Currently we are working to get in contact with Ms. Bowe. We would like to offer her our support and possible representation in seeking justice in this blatant violation of her freedom.

Carrie Bowe was the young woman who was fired from her job at the Attorney Generals Office in West Virginia for taking part in one of our Stop White Genocide videos –

The letter above has been mailed to Mr. Morrisey’s office, emailed to, faxed to 304-558-0140, posted on FWG and Bob’s Campaign website. We have also tweeted it directly to Mr. Morrisey’s twitter account @morriseywv.

Mr. Morrisey’s actions in this case are sickening. He has left this poor young woman to burn at the stake when he was elected to PROTECT her rights!


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Nobody Offers to DO Anything

Somebody said I should read my books onto tapes. As always, they didn’t offer to DO a damned thing themselves.

If I need anything done, I call Laura.  If the matter is technical she calls Sys Ops.

Sys Ops was with me long ago, and she remembers this problem:  Why don’t YOU….?

Why don’t I do it? I am a 75 year old man on disability. Laura had the help of two BUGSERS, but they both got mad at me personally and left her high and dry.

All the way back when I was at the University, some people asked a president of the Young Republicans or YAF why he put up with me.

He gave them a lengthy explanation about how “Whitaker is a pain in the ass.”

Whitaker bitches a lot, if anybody knows the rest of that complaint, it will be BUGSERS.

The guy got tired of them and said, “Whitaker bitches and he demands policy we can’t follow and does all the stuff you talk about.”

“But Bob has a quality I cannot spare, He bitches, he whines, but he’s THERE. I need people who are THERE.”

Let me repeat up front that your real job is to swarm the Internet, and you are champions at that. But I am working for free, too, and it is very hard on my morale when we try to get something going, like this thing with West Virginia’s Attorney General, and everybody but Laura and Sys Ops is a no show.

Think about it, Laura had become dependent on the help of two BUGSERS and then they got mad at me and who did they take it out on?  photo noman.jpg

Our Cause.

They seem to get satisfaction out of getting us dependent on them and then they decide they’re insulted so they pull the rug out from under…….ME?

Not me!

All I can do is abandon a promising project for our cause.  Yes, it hurts me, but that project, the same as the ones we live for here, is destroyed.

Is hurting me really that important?

When we call you, it is not so we or you can get credit for it.

No matter how well I prove the track record of what we are doing, BUGSERS decide their glass egos are more important, or suddenly get the idea that what I am having Laura do is somehow not worth their bother.

I can only keep this up so long, and nothing is so important to Bob’s keeping it up than Bob’s morale.

If Laura calls you and you help, she may forget to give you credit.

Oh, horrors!   What is the fate of our race compared to you getting the credit you feel you deserve?!

Whoever helped Laura in the past, I beg them to SHOW UP, like even that bastard Whitaker would do.



Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

We, who were born in the United States, wish to apologize to you for daring to exist in your world.

You were very brave to state your honest opinion in saying that at least a quarter of America’ voters should be totally ignored.  photo founding fathers2.jpg

Many a time I have heard members of the press corps saying exactly what you said, raging at those “hicks down in flyover country” who say all those things that are not fit to print.

As you say, we Americans, especially “birthers” like me, are an embarrassment to the natural rulers who are so often embarrassed by statements you do not approve of.

I am sorry to say that most of us probably will not keep our mouths shut the way you demand. The Founding Fathers did not just leave us the birther thing, you know, “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity.” The Founders also left us with this “freedom of speech” thing, which we think gives us a license to say any damned thing we please, even if you and the media don’t like it.

It is insanely presumptuous, but there it is.

But there is hope. If you can bring in enough of the people you listen to, people not born in America, we will forget we ever had any ideas you don’t approve of.

In the meantime we beg Hillary and the media and the Young Idealists to have patience.

Rome did not fall in a single day.