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Bob Appeals Again

Only BUGSERS know HOW to swarm. We have done it effectively, we have gone viral.

So I ask you again, please SWARM the phrase that is banned from coast to coast in America probably for a reason:

“Chasing down white people.”

Coast to coast bans are not institituted because something doesn’t WORK.



When You Start to “Defend Freedom of Speech” It is Already Half Lost

This is purely BUGS thinking.

This is a major reason BUGS thinking is so essential.

To Americans freedom is a given. “Why in the hell should I have to defend my right to say anything?”

Europeans are the exact opposite. If something may cause harm, they immediately start talking about whether it should be ALLOWED.

That kind of thinking is for children. If it’s not good for the child, you don’t allow him to do it.

If it’s not good for the kid, you punish him for doing it.

In fact, this is the essential difference between adult freedom and being treated as a child.

For children, adults make the rules.

The motto of tyranny is “For their own good.”

This is why the author of “How to Make Yourself Arrest-Proof,” a former cop, defense attorney, now FBI agent, slams down on one point that cuckservatives routinely ignore:  photo arrest_1.jpg

Jail is not prison.

The young lady who said on YouTube that she would lose her job for saying the exact truth, lost her job for saying the exact truth.

In Europe she would go to PRISON for saying what everybody knows is the exact truth: If a non-White says they prefer to date people of their own race, it is simply expressing a preference, but for a White person to say that gets them fired.

In Europe a person who says that on YouTube goes to PRISON.

This pro in law notes that cuckservatives see no difference between being fired, going to jail or going to PRISON. Cuckservatives never mention that every Marxist country has to become a prison.

All Marxist countries have to build walls to keep people IN.

To cuckservatives that is not important.

Trump wants to build a wall to keep people OUT.

Cuckservatives see no difference between a wall to keep people IN and a wall to keep people OUT.

I wonder whether Trump will ever notice this.

Until Americans learn to criticize Europeans for sending people who say the wrong thing to PRISON, we cannot seriously discuss freedom.