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The Right to be HEARD

Freedom of speech means nothing if one does not also have the right to be heard.

Hillary Clinton just declared that at least a quarter of the American electorate has no right to be heard!


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At the Democratic Convention Hillary Clinton launched an attack in “Birther Issues”

A “Birther Issue” is anything that discusses someone born in the United States from an immigrant.

To clarify this issue, let me quote the most “Birther” statement ever made:

The sole purpose of the United States is to assure the blessings of liberty to OURSELVES and OUR descendants.”

That “Birther” fanaticism, by the way, is the only statement Americans have ever officially adopted about the purpose of America.

It is the only declaration of independence America has ever adopted.

The so-called Declaration of Independence is a historical joke.

The word “independence” means that from now on we take care of our people and you take care of yours. For a declaration of INDEPENDENCE to begin by dedicating the seceding country forcing all other governments to enforce human equality, to declare that the only reason we exists is that “All men are created equal,” is absolutely insane.

The Declaration of Independence was a propaganda document by a country while it was at War.  photo georgeiii.jpg

Any literate person knows that blaming the King, and the King alone for all of Britain’s bad policies was simply nuts. It was done because, IN THE WAR, we needed support in Parliament.

None of the adults who made up the convention, all of which had been brought up under English rule, imaged what the Declaration flatly stated, that the King was the sole dictator of England.

All Men are Equal is the kind of fruitcake idealism preached by the French liberals who would lead the French Revolution. In fact, anyone qualified to talk about American History is well aware that the reason America became a republic and France ended up under a tyranny greater than that of their kings is because the French built THEIR revolution on this kind of nonsense.

Nobody was EQUAL in France, before or after the Revolution.

No people which is capable of independence can afford to be childish.

The word “independence” means “We will take care of our affairs and you will take care of yours”. The Preamble to our real Constitution states that. Our only statement of national purpose says that the only purpose of America is to take care of OUR people, to do what OUR people want done.

A declaration of independence cannot be an ultimatum to the world.

If we had told France that all its citizens must be equal in 1776, it would not have been a declaration of independence, it would have been a declaration of WAR.

It was no accident that our actual Constitution demanded that our chief executive be BORN here. Immigration laws made UNDER the CONSTITUTION stated the rights of immigrants. For a declaration of independence to do that would be insane.


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