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Hater Hillary Makes One Proud To Be A Deplorable

Hillary Clinton is a Hater. You know the type. Everyone else is always wrong, that is, in some way they disagree with her. And to disagree with Hillary is evil, downright, well, deplorable.

Clinton’s gaffe term “Deplorables”, the most recent in a long line of instances in which she defines the Other as really, really bad, as in Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, is a definition of you and me. We are not just wrong on an issue or have a different taste, we deserve strong condemnation. We are Untermensch, subhumans, in contrast to her superior essence.

Anti-Whites, like Hillary Clinton, cannot abide our existence. They have to chase us down because we are White, because we have recognizable White tastes, White preferences, White interests, White children and White ancestors. We, alone on this earth, are to be exterminated.

Whites are ‘deplorables’ and must be shamed. Forget the fact that we abolished slavery, we are uniquely guilty for having practiced it. Just like 100% of the rest of humanity slavery was part of our economic system. But only we are condemned. Only Whites must atone for the sins of all. Everyone else, Blacks, Asians, Jews, Hispanics et alii are bestowed a Get Out Of Jail Free card.  photo hillarypoop2.jpg

This is the mindset that permeates the thought process of our foes. It causes respectable conservatives, a term now replaced by the more raucous cuckservative, to quake, to turn red with embarrassment. It is in some measure rooted in a peculiarity of the Yankee psyche that Nathaniel Hawthorne noted when he wrote The Scarlet Letter. Bastardy was not in itself shameful enough, the fallen woman was forced to parade for life with a “A” for Adultery pinned on her clothing. Eternal condemnation is de rigueur in the anti-White personality.

This self destructive trait is present in all cultures. However, it appears to be particularly strong in Northern Europeans. The reasons for this are best described by the eminent Group Evolutionary Psychologist, Dr. Kevin B. MacDonald.

The community leaders of Olde Boston had this attitude and thereby strutted before the common folk their exalted status of goodness. Virtue was not good enough for them. Like Hillary Clinton they had put down any who fail their litmus test of political purity. The practice is called virtue signalling. It leads to a mind obsessed with hatred. The Bible calls it Pride. And it goes before the fall.

In a more street corner way of talking, or call it BUGSER lingo, she thinks her poop doesn’t throw off an odor.