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Nobody Offers to DO Anything

Somebody said I should read my books onto tapes. As always, they didn’t offer to DO a damned thing themselves.

If I need anything done, I call Laura.  If the matter is technical she calls Sys Ops.

Sys Ops was with me long ago, and she remembers this problem:  Why don’t YOU….?

Why don’t I do it? I am a 75 year old man on disability. Laura had the help of two BUGSERS, but they both got mad at me personally and left her high and dry.

All the way back when I was at the University, some people asked a president of the Young Republicans or YAF why he put up with me.

He gave them a lengthy explanation about how “Whitaker is a pain in the ass.”

Whitaker bitches a lot, if anybody knows the rest of that complaint, it will be BUGSERS.

The guy got tired of them and said, “Whitaker bitches and he demands policy we can’t follow and does all the stuff you talk about.”

“But Bob has a quality I cannot spare, He bitches, he whines, but he’s THERE. I need people who are THERE.”

Let me repeat up front that your real job is to swarm the Internet, and you are champions at that. But I am working for free, too, and it is very hard on my morale when we try to get something going, like this thing with West Virginia’s Attorney General, and everybody but Laura and Sys Ops is a no show.

Think about it, Laura had become dependent on the help of two BUGSERS and then they got mad at me and who did they take it out on?  photo noman.jpg

Our Cause.

They seem to get satisfaction out of getting us dependent on them and then they decide they’re insulted so they pull the rug out from under…….ME?

Not me!

All I can do is abandon a promising project for our cause.  Yes, it hurts me, but that project, the same as the ones we live for here, is destroyed.

Is hurting me really that important?

When we call you, it is not so we or you can get credit for it.

No matter how well I prove the track record of what we are doing, BUGSERS decide their glass egos are more important, or suddenly get the idea that what I am having Laura do is somehow not worth their bother.

I can only keep this up so long, and nothing is so important to Bob’s keeping it up than Bob’s morale.

If Laura calls you and you help, she may forget to give you credit.

Oh, horrors!   What is the fate of our race compared to you getting the credit you feel you deserve?!

Whoever helped Laura in the past, I beg them to SHOW UP, like even that bastard Whitaker would do.