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Black Americans Don’t Really Vote

Posted by Bob on October 13th, 2016 under Coaching Session

For decades, there was a perfectly predictable time table on every Republican campaign, one you could trust like sunrise.

In the spring, for example, at a Republican cocktail party, one by one, several people would call  you over and tell you, as if it were Secret Knowledge, the magic formula, “Republicans are going to get the NEGRO VOTE this year!”

Like I say, every spring this was as predictable as sunrise.

As they whispered the Secret Formula for the Black Vote that was being pushed this election year, they would always, decade after decade, recite exactly the same statistics.

They would, even in the 90s, repeat the results of the 1952 and 1956 elections. In those elections, Eisenhower got well over forty percent of the black vote. They would cite, as if it were the first time anyone had ever been let in on The Secret, that Nelson Rockefeller got over forty percent of the black vote consistently.

In fact, I knew of other cases, like a truly right wing congressman, Livingston in Louisiana, who also broke that golden barrier of 40% of the Black vote every two years.

Then I tried to explain, TO A DUMBASS REPUBLICAN who didn’t know politics from cow manure, why this was true but the Blacks weren’t really VOTING.

If you have the choice of explaining real politics to a Republicans or calculus to a hog, pick the hog every time.

The critical fact is that this Black “vote” means nothing because Blacks would consistently go along when there was a landslide. Eisenhower and Rockefeller won their elections by so many votes that the Blacks who went along meant absolutely nothing. Livingston was the same.

Livingston was the same. He won very election big time.

The List would only be pulled out when the Black vote could MATTER.

Eisenhower and Rockefeller would have won their elections regardless. In the cases where the margin was close, only when it COUNTED, the real elections in real politics, which is an alien world to cocktail party Republicans, did the Black List come out.

This was the list handed out at Blacks churches and so forth which listed exactly who to vote for. Makes the Nazi SS look sloppy.  photo backvoting.jpg

Please note that I am using the present tense here. Blacks have NEVER varied from rigid adherence to their Black List and they never will.

As I have pointed out, the Black List got screwed up and gave the United States senatorial nomination, not exactly a small and obscure position, to a complete political unknown and he won in a landslide.

It didn’t matter that Black voters had never heard of this guy. He was on the Black List so he got the Black so-called “Vote.”

Election night some reporters showed their surprise that this total unknown had won the Democratic nomination out of nowhere.

And it was not mentioned another time during the whole campaign.  Everybody who knows anything about politics which category excludes Republicans, knew exactly what had happened.

As I keep trying to explain, NOTHING would have gotten this mentioned in the media.   I keep being told by one or two otherwise intelligent BUGSERS saying that if I produced that list at a press conference…..

Even some of our own simply cannot grasp reality.

Yea, right, gang, the media are going to make a major story out of something that has been known by everybody here since World War II.

REPORT the Black List?

The Black List is there for any reporter to get hold of it just by giving some Black guy what in the case of a White man would be called a bribe and is proudly referred to here as “walkin’ ‘rounds Money”.

His story would be shredded and he would get another job anywhere near the media for the rest of his life.

Like White Genocide, the Black List is one more demonstration of something everybody knows: The results of the “Civil Rights Movement”  were exactly what us   “old Southern Bigots” SAID they would be.

The big Blacs magazine in the 1950s was called Jet Magazine.   Almost every single Jet cover looked like MSM looks today: It showed Black man married to White woman.

Black men want White women.


“Giving Blacks the vote” was ridiculous because they don’t really VOTE.

And if you say this in public and show a Blacks List to the media, you will be a big trouble.

I would be deeply ashamed if our present rulers did not call me a “racist.’”

If the truth is racist, it’s the truth that has got to go.

To be anything but a “racist” in today’s America is treason against the truth.

  1. #1 by -backbaygrouch- on 10/14/2016 - 3:13 pm

    This is not clear. The use of lists is as old as voting for more than one office or issue. It is legal. It should be legal. Even in hoity-toity Ward 5 Boston I saw old lists that Hank Stoddard, long serving GOP Ward leader, handed out to Hahvahd educated Yankee voters who dutifully complied.

    The use of such lists was very common well into the 50s in all Northern cities and probably other ones too. A lot of political pamphlets are thinly disguised lists. It is a freedom of speech issue.

    There should be White Lists and White voters should develop the discipline to vote their interests. Of course the MSM would blow up and scream RACIST. It is not.

    The structure of the Black community is such that the vote is often purchased. I know of one Republican governor of Massachusetts in my lifetime who did very well in Roxbury – for cash. This is the real problem. A return of literacy tests would help.

    But the flip side of the coin is that the White voters do not show the same solidarity. Correcting that is part of our mission.

  2. #2 by Peter Cottontail on 10/14/2016 - 11:02 pm

    The Trump campaign is somewhat like BUGS. It is made up mostly of normal people who are not sophisticated at all. I am going to mention this list to some people and see what happens. Trump isnt’s pissing his money away in TV ads so he must have alot of “walkin’ ‘rounds Money”. Maybe he is on to the scam.

    • #3 by Secret Squirrel on 10/15/2016 - 11:07 am

      “Maybe he is on to the scam.”

      Perhaps he is. I saw Al Sharpton endorse Trump in September and immediately thought of Bob.

      • #4 by Secret Squirrel on 10/15/2016 - 11:14 am

        I meant Don King. Apparently Trump and King have a history going back to the 80s, so perhaps it was nothing to do with Bob’s suggestion.

  3. #5 by Jason on 10/15/2016 - 5:56 am

    Do “get out the vote” drives matter when it comes to White people? I have no clue. All the White people I know either vote or don’t. They don’t need a call from somebody.

    They keep saying Trump has no ground game (people to “get out the vote”) but I wonder if that matters if Whites are motivated.

    I see this on Wikipedia: “The value of GOTV is unclear, but a well-organized effort probably gains a candidate on the order of half a percentage point.”

    Maybe a half a percentage point.

    • #6 by Secret Squirrel on 10/15/2016 - 11:10 am

      Bob mentioned the Republican establishment buy up the white church lists, so they don’t have to deal with the working class whites they despise.

  4. #7 by Jason on 10/15/2016 - 11:10 pm

    Don’t forget to write in Bob Whitaker when voting.

    • #8 by Peter Cottontail on 10/15/2016 - 11:42 pm

      I agree unless you are in a swing state. I believe a Trump president may give us an opportunity to get a gummint job with a pension so we can work on our true mission, saving our race.

  5. #9 by Bob on 10/16/2016 - 10:23 am

    Get Out the Vote has very little to do with getting out the vote.
    GOTV costs money but it gets the name of the fundraising organization out there.
    When you send out your next fundraiser, the GOTV will be one of your “accomplishments” to raise more money for.
    Results couldn’t matter less.

    • #10 by Jason on 10/17/2016 - 4:12 am

      So GOTV is to Getting Out the Vote as futurology is to the future.

      Makes sense.

      You can tell the real reason so many political consultants are furious at Trump is because he showed how useless (and expensive) they are.

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