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Huffington Post asks what’s next for Bob Whitaker and the #WhiteGenocide movement?

Dana Liebelson, a journalist from the Huffington Post reached out to me yesterday;

“It’s clear to me that Trump has given the white genocide movement a somewhat unprecedented platform. In the event Trump does not win the presidency, what’s next for the movement? Do you think it will suffer a setback, and why or why not?

How do you plan to levy the new wave under Trump to further support your cause, if he is not elected?

And how specifically would you plan to rally politically post-Trump? By supporting/running local candidates? By running yourself? What else? “

 Below is Bob’s reply;

Bob Whitaker for President has little to do with this election. Please see “A Candidate Can Still Be An American Citizen” 10/07/2016, for quotable lines on this.

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Mrs Clinton stated our situation perfectly, Trump’s candidacy represents an American public opinion which is regarded by those who consider themselves the “W=we’s” in a “we” versus “them” situation.

To call you the establishment is a gross understatement. You regard us as a group which is to be crushed by firing us and using thugs to crush any expression of our position.

Trump’s nomination is something you simply cannot understand. It has shown us that we do not have to just lie down and whimper and be crushed and ignored.

I was part of this same phenomenon in the Goldwater campaign and defeat, where the movement really got going that overwhelmingly elected Reagan and the Soviet Empire, once considered the Voice of the Future, disappeared forever.

Trump’s voter base is exactly the same as the working people’s votes in 1968 which were branded “Wallace Democrats.” I was their leading public spokesman. They were the ”Wallace voters” until Election Day 1980, when absolutely everybody suddenly called them “Reagan Democrats and pronounced them to be THE swing vote.

So for me this is history repeating itself. Before 1980 both sides on any network meant a moderate or liberal Republican versus a Democrat. For the media, the vast Wallace constituency simply did not exist, just the same as the Trump constituency today.

My campaign is a means of getting some freedom of speech for those who are rushed by shouts of Racist and Fascist and all the rest. It is something those who see themselves as the “ins” still think of as just bad dream.

I’ve been here before. I predicted the Reagan revolution and its largely ignored voter base in A Plague on Both Your Houses, 1976. William Rusher, publisher of National Review, did the enthusiastic Foreword (his spelling) and gave me a lifetime subscription that I still have.

This is much the same situation, a quarter of the electorate routinely ignored as non-existent.

The “ins” will continue to act as if we did not exist.

I will use whatever means I can to make it clear we do.

Two more articles in whitakeronline that might be useful sources of quotes for you are “We Cannot Live in Fear” 09/20/2016 and “Open Letter to Mr. Patrick Morrisey, Attorney General of West Virginia” 09/20/2016.