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Watch Pence

In 1980, Reagan had the nomination. Reagan Republicans became cuckservatives. Over the next few months the media simply gave attention to those they wanted to take over the Republican Party.

By the “Gee whiz, I’m so DUMB!” measuring stick, really dumb, truly pliable Republicans became Lunchioneers.  photo lunch.jpg

Establishment types that cuckservatives had worshiped from afar began inviting these mere peasants to Lunch, those worshiping dog-eyed conservatives who went to LUNCH, yes, Holy Lunch Itself, with Their Worshipful Selves.

Bill Buckley was in Paradise, and there was no limit on what he would do to keep his Lunchioneer Status.

And in any case, Reagan like Goldwater had handed the Republican Party back to its Natural Masters if they let him borrow it for eight years.

For the Lunchioneers, 1988 was a different Era.

Lunchioneers were finding out who was farting in public NOW, so they could sell the story NOW.

Everybody wants Immediate Reactions they can SELL NOW.

Which Celebrity farted and do you have a photo and will they be seen HAVING LUNCH with you?



September 14, 1814

Over 202 years ago at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, a question was posed:

“O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”  photo fortmchenry.jpg

Through the following two centuries at critical junctures the answer was always the same as that which resounded when Francis Scott Key awoke that morning to pen that stirring query. Yes, it yet waved.

On Election Day, November 8, 2016 the nation again faced a fierce battle. For days the lügenpresse threw every verbal, audio and video bomb that anti-Whites have in a well stocked arsenal of incendiaries at candidate Donald Trump who dared to assert a rank heresy that White people have the right to exist. The contest was fierce and many a foul lawless tactic was employed to demoralize Whites. The lines held.

It is morning now, and through the lies and slanders clouding the air, if you look inward into your heart you will see that with God’s blessing that the flag is still there.

Trump’s winning issue was White Identity. It was his weapon of victory. His atomic bomb. His B-45 fleet. It was what stormed the beaches for him.

This must be hammered home. He nodded a platitude this way; he winked at the Other that way; but, he always returned to the theme of the interests of the White working class. This path to victory cannot be overemphasized. It must be driven home to all ambitious politicians.

A battle, a glorious battle, has been won. Still the war is raging. Expect the foes of our race to redouble their efforts to Genocide the White race. Anti-Whites never rest. BUGSERS must be equally persistent. No backsliding. No resting on laurels. Load Mantras. Keep firing.