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War Word: Sophomore

From the beginning, BUGS has concentrated on developing and using war words. White Genocide simply points out and insists on the fact that this diversity stuff is pure crap. Every time we hear it, we point out, AGAIN, that “diversity” is part of a declared program to rid the earth of the White race.

And when they deny White Genocide, they begin by declaring that White people are evil and must be removed as a distinct group by immigration and assimilation. Any area that has “too many Whites” must be ethnically cleansed.

Over the years, we have cleaned the crap off of “diversity” to force anti-Whites to admit that this is what they are: anti-White.

The word “diversity” has been a cover for the most openly genocidal program in human history. There is no way to remove pure evil unless you call it what it is.  photo sophomores.jpg

Calling evil by its name is an act of war in a war that had been declared against you.

It makes me tired just to think about the all-out battle the failed old pro-Whites will wage against any war word that calls a war a war.

And the truer it is the harder they’ll fight it.

So when I watched Jon Stewart holding his Marxist Revivals on television, where his dumb little True Believers shout the same old crap the half-educated kids have shouted since before Socrates, I feel truly alone.

I feel that I am the only educated person who survives on this planet.

Sophomore is critical, because the political revolution of 2016 was not a confrontation between economic classes or different ethnic groups. The group the Rebellion of 2016 was directed against cannot be understood without using the word “sophomore.”

Sophomore means wise fool and it has been used for many centuries. There is no substitute for it.

Sophomores today do what they have always done: Sophomores repeat what has been drilled into them…Sophomores divide the world into people who are “politically educated” (or some like term).  The “politically educated” repeat the phrases drilled into them by Mommy Professor or their priest or whoever else is in charge of the Established Religion of their age.

Sophomores present the Established Political or Religious Faith in its most nauseating form:

They think they represent True Sophistication.



How Do You Replace a Luncheonocracy? was so shocked by the election that it almost told the truth.

The first headline was something  like “Trump Wins in a Landslide.”

If I remember that correctly, it was incorrect.

But the second sentence was on target:  “Elite is astonished.”

Wow, gang!

What “Elite”? I hadn’t heard msnbc say a single thing about any “elite” that rules America.

In fact, up until post-election day, anybody who said some “elite” ruled America was a “NAZI!”

Nobody will ever say it better than Yogi did: “It was Deja vu all over again”.

The media had gone nuclear when Hillary mentioned that some group she called  “we” should just ignore at least 25% of the entire American electorate. Mrs. Clinton backed down a bit by saying that “We” should ignore one in five voters in this democracy.

Leave it to a 75 year old man to notice that times have changed.

Jon Stewart is still making his worshipers’ little hearts go pitter-patter with exactly the same dog poor Karl Marx wowed em with almost two CENTURIES ago!

When I wrote A Plague on Both Your Houses in 1975-6, I talked about today’s establishment. “Self-styled New Age Radicals”, radical, then as now, were still demanding the same old “NEW” Marxism that was visibly grinding to a fall behind the Iron Curtain.

They were wailing for representation of Karl Marx’s “working class,” but every Workers’ Paradise still had to kill workers to prevent them from escaping the “Workers’ Paradises.”

No one noticed.

Least of all the self-proclaimed “champions of the working class” like Jane Fonda, who had never seen a real white worker’s dinner table, much less sat at it.

I took a new look at a world described by a Marx who had died a century before. Like Stewart’s kids today the working class had to change a lot in that century.

Stewart’s last programs like his first, were still religious revivals, where the orthodox Marxist Faith was preached.

In fact, in A Plague on Both Your Houses I had to reintroduce readers to the real world that had developed in the century, 1881-1976, since Marx had passed away.

I had to go back and explain “the new establishment, “liberal who ruled the media and kept Big Money in power”.  While these “Young Radicals” had climaxes over their 60s heroes, who are much like the Stewarts of today.  Stewart claims to be a thoughtful comedian while they claimed to represent Nature and the Exploited as needing the new thoughtful stuff Marx used in the guise of Artistes.

But it is and was the SOS.

The SOS demands that every asset in our society be turned over to the “intellectuals.” For over four years professors had told their students, which Lenin described perfectly as their “useful idiots,” that the people who should rule happened to be PEOPLE JUST LIKE THEM.

Gee, what a surprise! Stewarts’ audience, like the earlier hippies, were a generation which had been trained in how Marxists “intellectuals”, THEY, should have everything turned over to them.

If you turn a generation over to military academies, only a moron would be surprised if they were solidly in favor of a military solution to problems.

And Gee Whiz, as I explained in A Plague on Both Your Houses, the young folk demanded everything be handed over to people like their professors.

No one noticed this at the time. But during the same period, no one noticed that every Workers’ Paradise had to have prison walls and armed guards to keep workers inside.

That had never been mentioned by their Mommy Professors, and they certainly weren’t going to think of ANYTHING on their own.

Hence Stewart’s weekly Marxist Revival Meetings.

No one noticed the new champions of the new Marxism in liberalism, what I called “the new establishment,” No Jon Stewart fan would ever do any thinking that Marx would not have done.

The even Newer New Establishment could not point to Marx as a Prophet. In fact, the inevitable he proclaimed would embarrass a Kindergarten class.

But the kids who never noticed those Death Camp walls around each People’s Paradise are not going to notice everything else that makes Scientific Marxism silly.

Scientific Marxism is one way to turn every resource over to the image our professors have of themselves. But Environmentalism can be used to get people on their knees before what the college professors think they are.

Environmentalism like Socialism, is certainly going to be used for rule by those who fancy themselves as the Intellectual Saints Marx wanted to rule.

Like religion, a great vehicle for every aspiring priesthood is Guilt. White self hatred can only be cured by your Mommy Professor, who is loyal to nothing but other Intellectuals.

The bottom line is always the same. Mommy Professor is now Mommy Stewart.

Mommy Stewart takes up where Mommy Professor left off.  If you want to be a “celebrity” you have to be an environmentalist, a socialist and you have got to hate the Evil White Race.

That pole taking you up to “celebrity” Is VERY slippery, so you need to be all three.

That is why everybody was shocked when TRUMP got elected. We all know that celebrity means you demand all power to the “Intellectuals.”

But nobody on the political left or right during the Cold War ever MENTIONED that every worker’s Paradise was a prison. They no longer even noticed it.

And today it is taken for granted that the “celebrities” will all be reliable in demanding Rule by Mommy Professors.

No one discussed it. Today no one discusses why to be a celebrity you have to hate white people, be a fanatical environmentalist and think professors should rule the world.  Preferably all three.

But no one will discuss it.  No one THINKS about it.

Today you have to have lunch with the right people:

“We’ll talk about it over lunch.”

” I have had lunch with him a lot of times.”

I cant explain the new system entirely right here, but for no other reason, it is fun to call this a luncheonocracy.

Not everybody can co-produce a hit show, but you can become a Reliable by being seen at lunch with the producer.

If you don’t fit, you’re frozen out.

We all are perfectly aware that if your politics are wrong you get frozen out.

No Big One eating with you is as good a freeze out as any other.



I Am Jealous of Donald Trump

There! I’ve admitted it!

You are probably surprised and puzzled by this admission.

You can’t understand why any man would be jealous of him.

But the special reason for my jealousy may be important.

I can’t identify with somebody who owns yachts or art masterpieces. Most people are jealous of Trump because he has things which would obviously be other men’s dreams come true.

But I’ve never had any of these things, and so they are not real to me. What is real to me is something I can identify with:

Donald Trump is knee-deep in hard ball politics, and he is having a BALL!

This I can identify with.

And Trump’s joy is one side of the most obvious difference between the Trump campaign and the Clinton campaign.

It was obvious to even the most casual person watching the campaign that Hillary Clinton was miserable the whole time, while Trump had a ball the whole way.

In fact, the one time I saw Hillary actually looking a bit happy was in incidental shots of her while she was giving her concession speech.

For me, throughout the campaign, I saw Hillary as a picture of misery, fury, and anger.

But Trump obviously had a ball the whole time. Instead of being upset at all the insults and putdowns, I got the impression that when a reporter was attacking him, he just wished that particular standard and packaged mouth for the establishment would just FINISH his insult so Trump could get back into action.

I am jealous because I never came anywhere near owning a yacht or having millions of dollar and cars, but the joy Trump has in this campaign is something I HAVE experienced.

And I miss those times big time.

I was a workaholic. Like other addictions, workaholism is often fatal, and mine ended in a breakdown and disability. But that doesn’t keep the drunk from missing his bottle or the workaholic from missing his desk.

I hope any disrespect will be forgiven, but Trump at an interview is like that happiest of all animals, a dog that is waiting for the next ball or stick to be thrown.

He is bright eyed, bushy tailed, and LOVING IT.

Take a quick cutback to look at Hillary at interviews, where the reporters were totally and openly on her side.

You saw another eager doggy back when I was called into my boss’s office. He had two senior staffers just on his personal staff when he hired me.

At the end there both of them were gone and I was heading full tilt into a breakdown. When my boss John took over a head of Republican staff on the Education and Labor Committee, the head of that staff said to John, “Do you realize that you have two offices on the Committee for Bob, plus a staff under him, plus the desk in your office?”

There are people like me who are almost killed by workaholism. But there are those, like my boss and Trump, who thrive on it, who can barely live without it.

When reporters ask Trump a question, he has staff he knows how to use to find out what he needs to know about it. Hillary was more like an A student she carried unbelievable amounts of information around in her head, the sort of information that impresses the hell out of the press.

But that’s not the way you run a railroad. Trump knows exactly where he will get the information and whom he will assign it to.

And he’s a-rarin’ to go!

Hillary can impress the Eternal Sophomores who shout and scream at the Marxists religious revivals Jon Stewart holds.

The Soviet Union was run that way when Lenin took over. The result was about a hundred million deaths around the world and poverty and REAL starvation for decades.

Trump is a real man who can’t wait to take over a real country.

He does not have my fatal weaknesses and he wants to take over as much as I did.

Lord I ENVY him!