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War Word: Sophomore

Posted by Bob on November 19th, 2016 under Coaching Session

From the beginning, BUGS has concentrated on developing and using war words. White Genocide simply points out and insists on the fact that this diversity stuff is pure crap. Every time we hear it, we point out, AGAIN, that “diversity” is part of a declared program to rid the earth of the White race.

And when they deny White Genocide, they begin by declaring that White people are evil and must be removed as a distinct group by immigration and assimilation. Any area that has “too many Whites” must be ethnically cleansed.

Over the years, we have cleaned the crap off of “diversity” to force anti-Whites to admit that this is what they are: anti-White.

The word “diversity” has been a cover for the most openly genocidal program in human history. There is no way to remove pure evil unless you call it what it is.  photo sophomores.jpg

Calling evil by its name is an act of war in a war that had been declared against you.

It makes me tired just to think about the all-out battle the failed old pro-Whites will wage against any war word that calls a war a war.

And the truer it is the harder they’ll fight it.

So when I watched Jon Stewart holding his Marxist Revivals on television, where his dumb little True Believers shout the same old crap the half-educated kids have shouted since before Socrates, I feel truly alone.

I feel that I am the only educated person who survives on this planet.

Sophomore is critical, because the political revolution of 2016 was not a confrontation between economic classes or different ethnic groups. The group the Rebellion of 2016 was directed against cannot be understood without using the word “sophomore.”

Sophomore means wise fool and it has been used for many centuries. There is no substitute for it.

Sophomores today do what they have always done: Sophomores repeat what has been drilled into them…Sophomores divide the world into people who are “politically educated” (or some like term).  The “politically educated” repeat the phrases drilled into them by Mommy Professor or their priest or whoever else is in charge of the Established Religion of their age.

Sophomores present the Established Political or Religious Faith in its most nauseating form:

They think they represent True Sophistication.

  1. #1 by Jason on 11/21/2016 - 9:24 am

    No less a Leftist than Noam Chomsky said that our education system selects for OBEDIENCE above all else, which matches what Bob has said for years.

    Bob already proved the point but it amuses me when a High Priest of the Mommy Professor crowd admits it.

    It might undercut the arrogance of these Sophomores to point out that submissiveness was the quality they exhibited to get through college. Memorizing tons of material from some foo, who they knew was an idiot, and then presenting it back as if it made sense – that is pure submission.

    The first couple minutes of Chomsky below is worth listening to below just to throw in the face of the Mommy Professor worshippers.

  2. #2 by Bob on 11/26/2016 - 8:29 pm

    By and large, comments on terms I come up get a number of comments at first that are in exact reverse correlation to how well they do in action.
    Thank God for one BUGSER who saw this one.
    But it is thrown away when it is used just to show that an elitist hero said one sane thing.
    “white genocide” drew almost no comments. Comments are in almost perfectly inverse proportion to how effective the term ends up being.
    “Sophomore” lays bare exactly how these screaming kids look to an adult.
    Whatever it is, Buckley wanted to show that he knew what GALBRAITHE said about it.
    That’s a hell of a lot better than other BUGSERS. who left this as the one comment on the article. It’s better than nothing.
    But “sophomore”,”wise mouth fool” shows exactly what they do NOT want to see
    I wonder if anybody has tried it in the field.
    It will take a lot of work to get “sophomore” into the field.
    We have to go through the same old processt again: loud brats who think they are educated scream.
    I keep BEGGING you to try sophomore.
    One might think I’d showed the competence Luncheonieers insist I lack. But finally a BUGSER will think about it and try it in the flied,
    “Gee, whillikers, itWORKS!”
    Sophomore is word the ancients DEVELOPED to show how stupid screaming halfwits look ao people who can actually read.
    Sophomore is a word for a war of words.
    So an aspiring Lunchioneer avoids it like the plague.
    We are supposed to be the ones who are out in the field. But it still takes a despressingl long time for us to see what works out there.
    Sophomoresd is what they are. A mirror is the last thing they want to see.
    Hold a mirror up. Every phrase we find that works is a mirror.

    • #3 by Jason on 11/27/2016 - 10:08 am

      Yes and thanks for the reminder. Just use the word SOPHOMORE against them. See how it works.

      Using Chomsky would just derail everything.

      I still slip into thinking I am making an “argument” and that by throwing in more stuff, I am making it stronger. After all this time I can still fall back into that.

      A meme wars isn’t a chat among friends.

      Thanks for the coaching. Message discipline!

  3. #4 by Gavin on 11/26/2016 - 9:10 pm

    There is a video floating around of Ann Coulter on Bill Maher’s show predicting that Donald Trump has the best chance of any republican candidate of winning the general election.

    His audience of political ignoramuses burst into laugher. What better discription of those buffons is there than sophomoric!

  4. #5 by Henry Davenport on 11/29/2016 - 2:43 pm

    OK, Bob, message received! Let the brainstorming begin:

    Be sophomores forever: deny White Genocide!

  5. #6 by Gavin on 12/01/2016 - 5:19 am

    For anyone who doubts the power of the perfect word I would like to relate a story.

    I was young, brash, incredibly intelligent and essentially perfect in my political strategy. Being a young man I grew tired of being right, and not only being right, but being prefect in words, in action, in everything. I don’t think my mind could handle the perfection that my skills could deliver. So I began making errors, purposely making errors. I would never advise anyone to purposely make an error but my mind could not handle perfection so I made them purposely.

    I began advocating things that I knew were wrong to advocate, thing that my sense of morality would never allow me to do but thing that made me laugh at myself.

    There were two groups who responded exactly how I predicted they would respond.

    The royals said “We have been watching you for all long time and you always do the same thing and you always ‘leave the smartest ones’”. They told me a bunch of stuff I had already figured out 5 years before as if they were letting my rube ass in on a big secret in couldn’t possibly know through my own deduction.

    There was another group who fell for my trap. The group that I thought was essentially psychic so of everyone I assumed they would be the only one that could possibly deduce that I wasn’t actually an immoral maniac bus simply just fucking things up because I hated being perfect.

    This group responded to my actions by contacting Bob. I knew they had contact Bob because he immediately published an article titled “hatred is for traitors” which went over things I had long ago deduced for myself but which given what I had said I knew exactly why Bob wrote the article.

    Now we get into the meat of what I am saying. The power of the right word, said in the right way, at the right time, in the right place.

    In Bob’s article “hatred is for traitors” he used the word “goyim” a lot…he used it a lot for a very good reason. He was trying to get through to a thick headed man. That thick headed man didn’t actually exist. He was actually a man who know exactly why “hatred it for traitors” and didn’t need the lecture. He simply needed to be reminded to not be stupid for no practical reason at all.

    Nevertheless this lead to one group of very smart men using the word “goyim” as a way to relate to myself and the Jews as well.

    They started by saying something like “oh the jews were in favour of communism” and ended up saying “no anti-goyism.”

    I knew exactly why they were saying was because of Bob’s article that was inspired by my foolishness…but it wasn’t correct.

    “anti-goyism” didn’t do anything because “goy” means non-jew and they certainly weren’t againt all non-jews. The eskimo, iroquios, vietnamesse etc… people meant nothing to then. Those groups were “goyim” but there was no hostility. The hostility and genocidal hatred was towards WHITE PEOPLE.

    I cringed when the well meaning group said no “anti-goyism” but as soon as I corrected it to “anti-Whiteism” they let out a howl like I have never heard before.

    Imagine yourself being forbidden to hate the group that you hate been taught to hate your entire life.

    The response was unbelievable. “Anti-Whiteism” stuck a chord that “anti-goyism” never could in a million years because it was accurate.

    The smallest difference in word makes all the difference in the world.

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