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Professor wishes for White Genocide for Christmas

Many articles yesterday and this morning about a professor from Drexel University who tweeted that his wish for Christmas was white genocide.

Some of these articles below:

University Professor: I Want ‘White Genocide’ For Christmas

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LL just informed us “White Genocide is one of the top Trends on Twitter this morning”.





Have Universities become Cargo Cults?

Missionaries arrive on the island of New Guinea. They offer gifts/bribes to the local inhabitants, such as toys.

The locals want more of these toys, so they gather them up, go to clearings in the jungle, and BURY THE TOYS IN THE GROUND.

Why would they do this?

The locals had no idea about metallurgy or mass-production…

So they made a connection between action and results that was false but made sense to them:

They “planted” the toys in order for more to sprout out of the ground!

Universities have also become such places of hopeful activity. photo graduation.jpg

Despite propaganda to the contrary, people still recognize that in previous centuries there were such things as universities and that many amazing discoveries came out of these times.

But the two are not necessarily linked. Great inventors and discoverers often appeared OUTSIDE of the institutions.

Simply having millions of people drop-in at universities, regardless of intelligence and types of “courses”, isn’t going to make basic progress.

All it does is bloat the Professor Priesthood and fill the Seminaries of Political Correctness.



Briar Patch Politics

My whole concept of warfare, including the political fronts, says: “Do what the enemy does NOT want you to do.”

So National Review lets their so-called opponents select every single syllable they utter. They call the leftists “progressives,” which means they are always right, and that the “conservatives”, by definition, are people who will eventually admit they were right.  photo briar patch.jpg

That’s what the position of “conservative” MEANS.

If you use those words, you CANNOT mean anything else.

Which is why NR is declared responsible, upper class, and anything else it needs.

Hillary is calling this a CONSPIRACY.

All those our ruling chahss loves and advertises to use that magic word “Conspiracy.”

Because the big publications love to quote it.

What I said should be in the past tense because even the truly mindless have caught onto it.

Words the establishment does NOT want to see provoke a “DUHH” from our side.

Because we never see them.

All we see quoted in the mainline press is declared to be from “Largest, representative racist organizations.”

Which is how you BECOME the largest and most intelligent publication on the other side of the media monopoly.

I am not sure that today, after BUGS’ efforts, that even the money base of “Leading racist organizations” could call that a “Conspiracy” without being laughed out of town.



Trump Versus Truman

Harry Truman was Roosevelt’s vice president and served from 1945 to 1953, when Eisenhower took over as Yes Man Number One.

But Trump is the first president who does not sound like he got his script from the “Elite” since Truman.

To make this perfectly clear, Truman talked like an American, and Trump will be the first occupant of the White House since him who talked outside the pattern. Reagan, the pro, could do anything in any kind of “-ese.”

After the Roosevelts, who were rich and made it clear they expected to be thought of as aristocrats, Truman’s working class language was a relief. A typical joke of the time sums it up:

Truman kept calling everything “manure.” Anything someone said that he didn’t like he said was “horse manure.” After every Republican speech he said, “That was just horse manure.”

So somebody complained to Mrs. Truman.

Her reply was “Count your blessings. It took us a year to get him to say “manure.”

That sounds pretty tame in an age when every member of our Elite tries to sound like an illiterate ghetto Black on meth. But the average level of schooling was much lower then.

What shocks the Elite about Trump is that he talks like an American.

Trump could afford to talk like he damn well pleased. Here again, Truman was his absolute opposite. He was broke. In fact, Truman is the reason that the best paid job working for the US Government is being ex-president.  The ex-president’s pension is now set at whatever the current salary is for a member the Cabinet.

Trump will be first president who has ever actually HANDLED an enterprise that deals in Billions of dollars. Truman was not the only haberdasher who went bankrupt when the Depression hit.

In 1953 Truman left office broke.

I have seen a lot of helpless politicians, and I honestly believe that Truman didn’t know HOW to sell out.  photo TRUMAN Harry 01 Bess.jpg

Henry Clay, Jefferson and a lot of others died in desperate financial situations.

In contrast to Truman, one of the reasons some people couldn’t take eight years of Hillary was simply that they were BORED. Every words she said would be something right out of Obama or Clinton.    Eight more years of THAT was a chilling prospect!

Trump is somebody who has a terrific track record and says so.

I have explained before that the civil service reform of 1978 took out four of the old ranks above GS-15, the equivalent of a colonel. Before the reform, each new GS-16 had to be a specialist. At that level, brigadier general, there aren’t always openings for carpentry specialists.

In the real world, it makes little difference what the specialty of a high level executive is. With someone who has run a machinery company successfully last, the point is that he ran it successfully.

So when you get to SES level you can be transferred to running anything.

I got the impression that Hillary was running for president as a specialist. She knew all about what was going on in Lugubingia and the latest elitist fad.

The media made a big thing of the fact that Trump would fail the written test.

The highest level job on earth is not for the person who can ace the written test.

There are far more than enough people to tell him anything he needs to know, and to shut up when he has what he needs. Perot was the only third party candidate in history who was ever ahead of the two major party candidates, including a sitting president, when he dropped out.

Americans know exactly what I am saying here: The president GETS the information he needs.

As Townsend put it years before, “Anybody who needs a job description is not qualified to be an executive.”



Meanwhile, in the Seminaries of Political Correctness…

In Politically Correct Anthropology, NO attention is given to PHYSICAL anthropology, all focus is on “culture”.

This way objectively measurable differences between the races, such as brain size, the number of vertebrae etc. are out the window.  photo dancing.jpg

Instead you are confined to subjective stories and an echo chamber of new definitions of words to shed darkness on the subject.

A case in point was one cultural anthropologist who changed the DEFINITION of the word “text”, which he insisted includes dancing.

THEREFORE, there is no such thing as illiteracy. Every tribe is “literate” at dancing!

Hardihah! The journals are now filled with debates on what this new “discovery” means for their studies…

For a number of reasons:

1. It keeps Mommy Professor busy.

2. It is unbearable for Mommy Professor to admit that many peoples (who are non-whites) cannot read or write. So instead the definition of words are twisted to overlay reality.

3. Illiteracy is an especially sensitive subject, because The Professor Priesthood represents a WORDIST religion. No text, no religion. No Political Correctness. Loyalty to kin instead of loyalty to WORDS.

At least the illiterates are probably loyal to kin.

Less can be said of the self-hating eunuchs in the Seminaries of Political Correctness.