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Meanwhile, in the Seminaries of Political Correctness…

In Politically Correct Anthropology, NO attention is given to PHYSICAL anthropology, all focus is on “culture”.

This way objectively measurable differences between the races, such as brain size, the number of vertebrae etc. are out the window.  photo dancing.jpg

Instead you are confined to subjective stories and an echo chamber of new definitions of words to shed darkness on the subject.

A case in point was one cultural anthropologist who changed the DEFINITION of the word “text”, which he insisted includes dancing.

THEREFORE, there is no such thing as illiteracy. Every tribe is “literate” at dancing!

Hardihah! The journals are now filled with debates on what this new “discovery” means for their studies…

For a number of reasons:

1. It keeps Mommy Professor busy.

2. It is unbearable for Mommy Professor to admit that many peoples (who are non-whites) cannot read or write. So instead the definition of words are twisted to overlay reality.

3. Illiteracy is an especially sensitive subject, because The Professor Priesthood represents a WORDIST religion. No text, no religion. No Political Correctness. Loyalty to kin instead of loyalty to WORDS.

At least the illiterates are probably loyal to kin.

Less can be said of the self-hating eunuchs in the Seminaries of Political Correctness.