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Briar Patch Politics

My whole concept of warfare, including the political fronts, says: “Do what the enemy does NOT want you to do.”

So National Review lets their so-called opponents select every single syllable they utter. They call the leftists “progressives,” which means they are always right, and that the “conservatives”, by definition, are people who will eventually admit they were right.  photo briar patch.jpg

That’s what the position of “conservative” MEANS.

If you use those words, you CANNOT mean anything else.

Which is why NR is declared responsible, upper class, and anything else it needs.

Hillary is calling this a CONSPIRACY.

All those our ruling chahss loves and advertises to use that magic word “Conspiracy.”

Because the big publications love to quote it.

What I said should be in the past tense because even the truly mindless have caught onto it.

Words the establishment does NOT want to see provoke a “DUHH” from our side.

Because we never see them.

All we see quoted in the mainline press is declared to be from “Largest, representative racist organizations.”

Which is how you BECOME the largest and most intelligent publication on the other side of the media monopoly.

I am not sure that today, after BUGS’ efforts, that even the money base of “Leading racist organizations” could call that a “Conspiracy” without being laughed out of town.