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Have Universities become Cargo Cults?

Missionaries arrive on the island of New Guinea. They offer gifts/bribes to the local inhabitants, such as toys.

The locals want more of these toys, so they gather them up, go to clearings in the jungle, and BURY THE TOYS IN THE GROUND.

Why would they do this?

The locals had no idea about metallurgy or mass-production…

So they made a connection between action and results that was false but made sense to them:

They “planted” the toys in order for more to sprout out of the ground!

Universities have also become such places of hopeful activity. photo graduation.jpg

Despite propaganda to the contrary, people still recognize that in previous centuries there were such things as universities and that many amazing discoveries came out of these times.

But the two are not necessarily linked. Great inventors and discoverers often appeared OUTSIDE of the institutions.

Simply having millions of people drop-in at universities, regardless of intelligence and types of “courses”, isn’t going to make basic progress.

All it does is bloat the Professor Priesthood and fill the Seminaries of Political Correctness.