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Can Pence Abort Trump Victory?

Bill Gates made it clear long, long ago:

Gates says he is “A loyal liberal.”

MSN has not had one good word to say about Trump until today.

Today msn praised Pence to the skies.

This is the first time EVER that Microsoft’s front page has stated that a pro-Trump rally was a success.   What are we missing?

The rally that Microsoft is praising to the skies was an ANTI-ABORTION rally.

Now back to that sudden “We Love You” from Microsoft to Pence.   Pence was conducting a good old “We Know How to Lose” Pro-Life gathering.  My educated guess

But Microsoft is delighted to see Pence returning to Camp of the Losers.  My experienced guess is that Pence will do what respectable conservatives always do.   He will hear the media applause and go for more.

Microsoft wants Republicans to go back to destroying America by replacing Americans.

The message here is, as so often on BUGS, is a repeat:

“Watch Pence.”


Article – Watch Pence – Posted by Bob on November 9th, 2016







Team Trump Discovers The Silence

The media kept talking about how much smaller the crowd watching Trump’s inauguration was than the crowd that had watched either of Obama’s inaugurations.

Apparently, President Trump didn’t like that. So he had his Press Secretary Sean Spicer call a press briefing on January 21st to point out that if you include the people who watched the inauguration on television and the internet, Trump’s inauguration was the most watched inauguration in history and to chastise the media for their bias.

The next day, Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway was interrogated by Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on this issue and she said Spicer was giving “alternative facts.” Conway then proceeded to rattle off about four other alternative facts -things that are relevant and true yet the media never mentions.

#AlternativeFacts and later #alternativefact both became trending hashtags on Twitter. Trump haters immediately spun alternative fact as an Orwellian euphemism for “lie.” But, actually, it’s not that at all.

Whether this phrase alternative facts was planned or something the Trump Team stumbled onto at the spur of the moment I cannot say. Either way, they have discovered what Bob calls The Silence: everything the media and professor priesthood never mention because mentioning it doesn’t fit their agenda, whether that agenda is demoralizing white people or discrediting President Donald J Trump.

Media fact: the crowd watching Trump’s inauguration IN PERSON was smaller than Obama’s inaugural crowds.
Alternative fact: Trump’s inaugural was the most watched Presidential inaugural in history.

Media fact: whites have conquered and enslaved.
Alternative fact: ALL races have conquered and enslaved.

The mother of all alternative facts is white genocide.

Bob on The Silence:
“One of the things I keep preaching is Listen to the Silence. Don’t just jump on what they SAY. If you listen you can hear what they are avoiding, and that creeps the hell out of them.”

“When I discuss The Silence, it is not just an abstract or a partisan tongue. Until you start thinking specifically about The Silence, you are completely unaware of at least half of what one has to know to have an educated view of information: the half that is NOT brought up.”

“No one EVER mentioned that EVERY Communist country had to keep its people in by deadly force while all Western white countries had to keep people OUT.
“I have never heard a single example of Viet Cong atrocities on any national media or on any entertainment program.
“I have never heard of a single example of Soviet atrocities in World War II.”

The Silence is what the media does with Alternative Facts. It ignores them.

It remains to be seen whether Team Trump takes this concept any further. Regardless, welcome to the silence we’ve endured for decades.



FWG Activist hits Manchester, New Hampshire with #WhiteGenocide banners

The most un-American thing you can say is “You can’t say that!”
Anything the media disagrees with, they label “Hate”.

Last week an FWG activist spread the message that “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide at several different locations in Manchester, Hew Hampshire.

WMUR-TV reported on in incident

As Bob Whitaker points out, “We are openly being urged to chase down Thought Criminals. Can anybody come up with any other translation of this hunt for heretics: “Find them and report them to the police!”

That is a line straight out of Orwell’s 1984!

And, in 2017, absolutely no one is going to point this out but me!” also reported on the activism: 

Sign found at NH middle school reading ‘Diversity is a code word for white genocide’

MANCHESTER — School officials and police are investigating an incident where a sign reading, “diversity is a code word for white genocide,” was placed on a fence outside of Parkside Middle School Monday evening.

The Superintendent of Manchester Schools Bolgen Vargas sent a letter to parents explaining the situation.

“I am writing to share details of a racially charged incident that took place at one of our schools yesterday morning,” Vargas wrote in the letter. After explaining the nature of the incident he went, “the sign is part of a bigger campaign known as the White Genocide Project, which according to their website “believes the present day social policy of ‘diversity’ is nothing more than a coordinated campaign of genocide against White people.”

The sign was removed as soon as it was discovered, and an investigation is ongoing, according to the letter.

“The Manchester School District finds this act of bias deplorable and we denounce it,” Vargas wrote. “And, we believe that incident such as this one are isolated and limited to the few, while the majority of our great city celebrates our uniqueness and diversity in many ways.”

Lt. O’Keefe of the Manchester Police Department said police are looking into the incident, but had no further information.

There has also been further reports from the Union Leader in New Hampshire  –

But this time instead of showing a picture of the banner and message they posted an image that reads “Hate Has no home here!” How is opposing ones genocide classed as “Hate”? 

Union Leader has now communicated several totally biased pieces on this incident. There has been no discussion into the statement that was made by this activist. Just screams that this is “Hate” speech and “will not be tolerated”. There has been no publishing of the definition of genocide.

Flooding ALL and ONLY white countries with MILLIONS of non-whites and force assimilating the populations IS White Genocide.

Union Leader reports again yesterday of “More racially charged signs found in Manchester; vigil tonight” –

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to the activist who has forced the conversation on White Genocide in their community.

If you would like to get active in your community and are looking for some marketing materials to get the message out there, visit our FWG shop HERE for banners, stickers and flyers.

More Media Reports:



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The Case for Nativism

The purpose of a democratic republic is to govern according to the ADOPTED Constitution.

To preserve freedom, it is absolutely critical to be sure that EVERY CHANGE OR ADDITION, is added in a proper form under the rules set forth in that Constitution itself.

The Soviet Union became a totalitarian nightmare simply because all of its guarantees of freedom were suddenly superseded by Stalin’s declaration of his idea of Marxist ideology.

The Weimar Republic provided freedom until Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor in 1933.

According to the Weimar Tribunal in 1945, Hitler ruled strictly according to the Weimar Constitution until Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945. Yes, the democratic Weimar Republic ruled Germany right up to the day it surrendered to the Allies!

Exactly like the free and democratic Soviet Union of 1936 and before, the only difference between Hitler and the Weimar and Nazi Germany, was the change that the democratic constitution had something added to it.

To its original form, Stalin simply added his version of Marxism-Leninism to the Soviet Constitution of 1918.

This was the ONLY, the SINGLE alteration Stalin added to the Soviet Constitution of 1918, that the Soviet Union was now dedicated to Stalin’s version of Marxist-Leninism.

By one simple, hardly noticeable addition, the Weimar Democracy became the Third Reich. By one simple, hardly noticeable addition, Russia’s democracy under Kerensky became Stalin’s Oriental Despotism.

You may consider the difference between freedom and Stalinism to be minor, if you feel that then you believe the little difference between the Weimar Constitution and the Third Reich to be minor, what I have to announce will not be important to you.

As in 1930’s Germany and the 1918 USSR, but the reason for the existence of the United States our country is being been quietly changed. For someone with a sense of humor, this so-called “change” looks like anything BUT a “change.” The concept of America as a country being ruled BY and FOR Americans — the one contained in our present Constitution — is being repudiated as nativist, racist, and a list of other condemnations.

This Nativist Evil is being replaced by a new picture of America as being entirely dedicated to making all men equal.

The whole aim of this giant campaign is to replace “we the people” with “all men are equal”.



IT DOESN’T W*O*R*K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is a transcript from my Skype account with Bob. It is unpolished but these words of Bob need to be shared….

By Bob Whitaker:

TWITTER: Nondiscrimination doesn’t WORK.

You let in non-whites and they demand that you let in the scum.

Now, back to my Twitter point. It relates to a theme I am developing: Without loyalty you can not have a society.

How do we KEEP these conclusions?

I have been literally killing myself with the idea that we have wasted all this time. Then it hit me :MY LEGS DON’T HURT! It took YEARS for us to decide what to do with the rest of my life.

More productive years have never been spent by anybody!

I will now do an article on this Twitter about how non-discrimination DOESN’T WORK!

Once again, Laura, I think we have come up with a point that no one could have come up with!

You remember when we did an interview with that guy in Saudi Arabia and what sounded like the callers who came on and they announced that they would not just attack white genocide but also announce WHO — the Jews — was doing it.

Ez listened to the rest and said it sounded like an Owl Echo Chamber: “Who?” “Who? Who?” on that one.

We left the program early. They insisted that this Exposing the Jews Angle they had come up with was the last flower on the enemy’s grave.

But this time, just before they left, we got to sum it up. Snob Boss said this brand new approach giving The Whole Truth was the original and the final answer.

He asked me why it wasn’t, and I said, “It doesn’t WORK!”

He then wanted to theorize about how it HAD to work, but we had made our point and we trooped out.

I believe it was exactly half a century ago, about 1915, that Henry Ford started putting a copy of The International Jew Into every brand new Ford he sold.

But we didn’t even bother.

This leads me to the new point we are developing:

It Doesn’t WORK.

A country that must keep its people in by force is a FAILURE.


It DOESN’T Work.

Every country that ADOPTS non-discrimination becomes a people in, then you make it a principle that anyone has a right to be here, and (cheers) country turns into a sewer.

That’s the way it works IN THE REAL WORLD.

Non-discrimination does not work.

No matter how you theorize, non-discrimination becomes a rule and immigration becomes an open sewer.

Damned good START.

I am a die hard segregationist because we adopted integration and the results was exactly what I said it would be: A white genocide campaign.

How’s this for a title:

IT DOESN’T W*O*R*K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Last three years were productive and necessary
  2. Even if you quietly forget that we shaped a whole presidential campaign while we got rid of my leg pain.

    And we now have a to dig: It Doesn’t Work.

I will do an article on describing THAT theme.