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Censorship Comes in Funny Ways, But I Can Still Smell It

I liked the X-Files so I have the whole series on DVD.

To BUGSERS, there is nothing at all odd about the X-Files.

An agent is sent out to find the truth, and if he finds it, he gets fired.

We’ve all been THERE.

But sometimes an episode gets so weird even WE have trouble tracing why.  This happened in an episode called “The Field Where I Died.”
 photo holocaust industry.jpg
Mulder was in Tennessee, where an incident had happened that involved one of Mulder’s previous lives.

Part of the dialogue and notes from Civil War days were between Mulder’s earlier self and the girl’s earlier self.

At one point as the voices alternated in his mind, new voices brought in a different dialogue between a man and a woman. They were Jews in Nazi Germany. This didn’t fit and had nothing to do with the two Civil War protagonists except that one assumed the guy was an earlier Mulder and she was a 1930’s Jew.

But that didn’t didn’t fit into a Civil War situation.

As commenters have pointed out, it is a felony in many countries “to trivialize the Holocaust.” What those words mean is anybody’s guess.

But the prison sentence isn’t.

A show about a historical flashback without  mentioning the Holocaust, especially if the guy was a Confederate, might cause censors to decide the writer was anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. That could open the steel door wide.

So some wildly irrelevant dialogue about the Holocaust was jammed in.

This weird last minute add-on would be immediately recognized by George Orwell.

But I doubt seriously that anyone “educated” by Mommy Professor would even wonder about it. Jamming the Holocaust in everywhere is so standard they just expect it.