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Everywhere outside the United States, you can actually be risking a felony charge if you discuss history without putting The Holocaust front and center.

If you mention the term “martyr” without giving the name of Our National Martyr, instantly you are ruined as a Public Spokesman.

There is one martyr and he is Our Martyr.

Today it is inconceivable that the reason there was no Martin Luther King National Holiday in 1982 was one man, not a god, but a mere man.

That mere human was Congressman John Ashbrook of Ohio.

Think about it: Is it even imaginable today that one mere human could stand stride the Path of History? In that way?

Yes, we did have to drag people out of that man’s office, red-faced and screaming, on a regular basis. But today that whole building would have been occupied every day.

I got a lot of exercise since I worked in the office of this creature of Hell, John M . Ashbrooke, congressman from Ohio.