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FWG Activist hits Manchester, New Hampshire with #WhiteGenocide banners

The most un-American thing you can say is “You can’t say that!”
Anything the media disagrees with, they label “Hate”.

Last week an FWG activist spread the message that “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide at several different locations in Manchester, Hew Hampshire.

WMUR-TV reported on in incident

As Bob Whitaker points out, “We are openly being urged to chase down Thought Criminals. Can anybody come up with any other translation of this hunt for heretics: “Find them and report them to the police!”

That is a line straight out of Orwell’s 1984!

And, in 2017, absolutely no one is going to point this out but me!” also reported on the activism: 

Sign found at NH middle school reading ‘Diversity is a code word for white genocide’

MANCHESTER — School officials and police are investigating an incident where a sign reading, “diversity is a code word for white genocide,” was placed on a fence outside of Parkside Middle School Monday evening.

The Superintendent of Manchester Schools Bolgen Vargas sent a letter to parents explaining the situation.

“I am writing to share details of a racially charged incident that took place at one of our schools yesterday morning,” Vargas wrote in the letter. After explaining the nature of the incident he went, “the sign is part of a bigger campaign known as the White Genocide Project, which according to their website “believes the present day social policy of ‘diversity’ is nothing more than a coordinated campaign of genocide against White people.”

The sign was removed as soon as it was discovered, and an investigation is ongoing, according to the letter.

“The Manchester School District finds this act of bias deplorable and we denounce it,” Vargas wrote. “And, we believe that incident such as this one are isolated and limited to the few, while the majority of our great city celebrates our uniqueness and diversity in many ways.”

Lt. O’Keefe of the Manchester Police Department said police are looking into the incident, but had no further information.

There has also been further reports from the Union Leader in New Hampshire  –

But this time instead of showing a picture of the banner and message they posted an image that reads “Hate Has no home here!” How is opposing ones genocide classed as “Hate”? 

Union Leader has now communicated several totally biased pieces on this incident. There has been no discussion into the statement that was made by this activist. Just screams that this is “Hate” speech and “will not be tolerated”. There has been no publishing of the definition of genocide.

Flooding ALL and ONLY white countries with MILLIONS of non-whites and force assimilating the populations IS White Genocide.

Union Leader reports again yesterday of “More racially charged signs found in Manchester; vigil tonight” –

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to the activist who has forced the conversation on White Genocide in their community.

If you would like to get active in your community and are looking for some marketing materials to get the message out there, visit our FWG shop HERE for banners, stickers and flyers.

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