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Team Trump Discovers The Silence

The media kept talking about how much smaller the crowd watching Trump’s inauguration was than the crowd that had watched either of Obama’s inaugurations.

Apparently, President Trump didn’t like that. So he had his Press Secretary Sean Spicer call a press briefing on January 21st to point out that if you include the people who watched the inauguration on television and the internet, Trump’s inauguration was the most watched inauguration in history and to chastise the media for their bias.

The next day, Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway was interrogated by Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on this issue and she said Spicer was giving “alternative facts.” Conway then proceeded to rattle off about four other alternative facts -things that are relevant and true yet the media never mentions.

#AlternativeFacts and later #alternativefact both became trending hashtags on Twitter. Trump haters immediately spun alternative fact as an Orwellian euphemism for “lie.” But, actually, it’s not that at all.

Whether this phrase alternative facts was planned or something the Trump Team stumbled onto at the spur of the moment I cannot say. Either way, they have discovered what Bob calls The Silence: everything the media and professor priesthood never mention because mentioning it doesn’t fit their agenda, whether that agenda is demoralizing white people or discrediting President Donald J Trump.

Media fact: the crowd watching Trump’s inauguration IN PERSON was smaller than Obama’s inaugural crowds.
Alternative fact: Trump’s inaugural was the most watched Presidential inaugural in history.

Media fact: whites have conquered and enslaved.
Alternative fact: ALL races have conquered and enslaved.

The mother of all alternative facts is white genocide.

Bob on The Silence:
“One of the things I keep preaching is Listen to the Silence. Don’t just jump on what they SAY. If you listen you can hear what they are avoiding, and that creeps the hell out of them.”

“When I discuss The Silence, it is not just an abstract or a partisan tongue. Until you start thinking specifically about The Silence, you are completely unaware of at least half of what one has to know to have an educated view of information: the half that is NOT brought up.”

“No one EVER mentioned that EVERY Communist country had to keep its people in by deadly force while all Western white countries had to keep people OUT.
“I have never heard a single example of Viet Cong atrocities on any national media or on any entertainment program.
“I have never heard of a single example of Soviet atrocities in World War II.”

The Silence is what the media does with Alternative Facts. It ignores them.

It remains to be seen whether Team Trump takes this concept any further. Regardless, welcome to the silence we’ve endured for decades.