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Timeforfreedom is one of our best commenters, and your head WRITER really appreciates THAT.

Flatterers make awful, often FATAL, senior staffers. You flatter if and when the boss needs it. Otherwise you are as tough as the environment you are sending him out to.

I think TFF hit on a point about the Trump Administration (Have you heard anybody use those words before?)

“Trump gives one of those conservative asshole-bending grins”

Trump loves praise and gets it. We need to get his attention by calling him what TFF rightly called him. We need to call him what TFF did, which, I think, was “A Fake President.”

When an attorney fired a staffer for using “white genocide,” Trump gives one of those conservative asshole-bending grins the Fox interviewer did when talking to a campus commie who bragged they discriminated all the way to violence against anyone who used terms commies don’t like.


A real man, much less a real PRESIDENT, “notices” that someone is using taxpayers’ money to crush free speech.

If you or I got caught doing that, a lot of government officials would be out on their asses.

And if you are responsible for law enforcement, you don’t just whine and bitch like a conservative.

If someone is misspending government money, the controller or accounts office is not supposed to sit back and WHINE!

If tax deduction is misused, there is a long list of publicly paid people who are paid for DOING something about it.

Tell me, Mr. Taxpayer, does the President of the United States have to bitch about you at a press conference before any IRS guy is on your tail?

That’s what staffers are FOR. And NOT showing up WITH A PLAN OF ACTION is what anyone drawing a salary gets FIRED for.

The Boss, the Boss Miss Prissy Trump says she is, will be sure that sissy staffer gets no promotion, and if he had a staffer like me, who worked at the top of the civil service, at OPM, could show how to get rid of the old “you can’t fire a government employee” bit.

If the IRS and GAO let public money be misspent, I would have a prosecution plan in his desk right quick.

Not a Bitch List for his speech makers, a plan for punitive action I am ready to get right into action.

Trump is a fake president. And I want those words, “Trump is a fake president” as a major thrust.




Priority Call to Action

This BADLY NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION. It has been a particularly bad time for my legs to go out on me, because we have the exact kind of emergency only I recognize THAT NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION DESPERATELY.

The multi-billion dollar industry our rulers lean on — big university funding — has just begun to get some tiny notice from Trump’s staff and even from FOX.

One Commie leader bragged about how she and her thugs had beaten up “FASCISTS” to prevent them from demonstrating at the University.

I mentioned this last week, when Trump had even cracked, “you better watch that” and then he went back to saving America by helping preachers to raise money on “Prayers back in schools” piece of crap.

Fox actually made a YouTube out of the interview that its wimp did with the anti-white violence advocate. But the Fox host was grinning desperately. ingratiatingly, so hard that I swear the skin folded all the way down around his anus!!

True, no cuckservative would have even mentioned this routine violence against free speech. But Trump saying, “No no, down kitty”, and Fox’s crinkling anus is a reminder of how aplogetitc they WANT TO GET.

Any institution that crushes free speech must be DEFUNDED………….NOW!



These wimps like the Fox host are searching desperately for an excuse to go back. Cuckservatives would rather die then stand up for free speech for people “Our Elite” disapproves of!!!

Trump and Fox want any excuse to get back on their knees and forget freedom for any groups that “celebrities” REALLY don’t like!

I’m not on my feet but I’m on alert.


Trump’s wretched little “There, there now” to the violent attacks on free speech are worse than useless.

Mr. Trump, Fox, all the professional cowards the woods are full of that you can hire to whisper about free speech and then back down. You couldn’t have lost so much without their devoted help these many years.

So tell them: either fight for unpopular free speech or crawl back to groveling where you feel so comfy.

Anti-racist is a code word for white genocide. In our violent atmosphere, you must with us get on your feet or get back on your ass.

DEFUND Oppression!

Taxpayers should not literally FUND your cowardice!

Stand up for free speech or get back on your knees where you BELONG!

Your yapping pup approach was old when BUCKLEY was NEW!




Bob RAW #014 – The real Campaign is what we are conducting

Voice 001 – Republicans campaign News. Trump’s failing approach. Our campaign started when Hilary mentioned White Genocide.
Voice 002 – The second stage of the real campaign is going to develop around our issues.



Activism Ideas to Fight #WhiteGenocide

We recently received the following email from an FWG activist. They have listed some simple and creative ideas for mantra activism.
Hi, I’m back. I’m writing to share some ideas about spreading our message. 
#1, every Bugster should write “#WhiteGenocide” on every currency bill that comes into their possession, in countries where this is legal. It is legal in the United States, as long as you don’t cover up or change the denomination. I’ll include pics in a later email to show how I do this. 
#2, technically inclined Bugsters should change their WiFi SSID (or network name) to “Stop White Genocide” or “Stop White Genocide 2.4GHz” or “Stop White Genocide 5GHz”, something like that. Your neighbours and passersby will see this when they search for a WiFi network. 
#3, buy an FM radio transmitter, connect it to your smartphone or tablet, place yourself near a radio, tune the transmitter to the station the radio is on, and play mantra content from your device. It would be especially fun to do this at a red light in traffic. 🙂 
That’s all for now. If more clarification is needed, please email me. I’ll check in to see how this is going.
US laws:
(Download the PDF and skip to 333. Mutilation of national bank obligations
UK laws:
(Go to the bottom left of the page, download and view the PDF called “Original Print PDF”, then skip to section 12)
EU laws:




Trump Joins Pense in Suicide Strategy

I told you that when Reagan won with my working class strategy, he immediately threw it away on the Religious Right.   Like black church leaders for the Democrats, the Religious Right could deliver a lot of working class votes without the Buckleys having to shaked their filthy sweaty hands.

Trump has signed on.   While immigrants pour in where that Wall was supposed to go up, Trump is religious rightists what he will destroy some Jonson Amendment amendment that is the current money-raiser for the preachers.

Our problem is immigration.   Even Ann Coulter, is bit on abortion, has declared that she is now a one-issue candidate:

So both of them begin their terms as Religious Rightists.

Trump supporters get violently attacked by rioters on a California University campus. So what does the Trump team talk about?

Why, they go for that anti-white Guaranteed Loser Group, the Religious Right, of course.

It was nice while it lasted, but it didn’t last long.