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Timeforfreedom is one of our best commenters, and your head WRITER really appreciates THAT.

Flatterers make awful, often FATAL, senior staffers. You flatter if and when the boss needs it. Otherwise you are as tough as the environment you are sending him out to.

I think TFF hit on a point about the Trump Administration (Have you heard anybody use those words before?)

“Trump gives one of those conservative asshole-bending grins”

Trump loves praise and gets it. We need to get his attention by calling him what TFF rightly called him. We need to call him what TFF did, which, I think, was “A Fake President.”

When an attorney fired a staffer for using “white genocide,” Trump gives one of those conservative asshole-bending grins the Fox interviewer did when talking to a campus commie who bragged they discriminated all the way to violence against anyone who used terms commies don’t like.


A real man, much less a real PRESIDENT, “notices” that someone is using taxpayers’ money to crush free speech.

If you or I got caught doing that, a lot of government officials would be out on their asses.

And if you are responsible for law enforcement, you don’t just whine and bitch like a conservative.

If someone is misspending government money, the controller or accounts office is not supposed to sit back and WHINE!

If tax deduction is misused, there is a long list of publicly paid people who are paid for DOING something about it.

Tell me, Mr. Taxpayer, does the President of the United States have to bitch about you at a press conference before any IRS guy is on your tail?

That’s what staffers are FOR. And NOT showing up WITH A PLAN OF ACTION is what anyone drawing a salary gets FIRED for.

The Boss, the Boss Miss Prissy Trump says she is, will be sure that sissy staffer gets no promotion, and if he had a staffer like me, who worked at the top of the civil service, at OPM, could show how to get rid of the old “you can’t fire a government employee” bit.

If the IRS and GAO let public money be misspent, I would have a prosecution plan in his desk right quick.

Not a Bitch List for his speech makers, a plan for punitive action I am ready to get right into action.

Trump is a fake president. And I want those words, “Trump is a fake president” as a major thrust.