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In the Big Leagues the Staff Moves First

My demand that we push Trump might have some extra punch because even BUGSers are calling him “soft on Free Speech!”

And you will never guess who ELSE is!!!!!!!!

There was a criticism in the last issue of the publication that makes your average wimp look like a Macho Man: NATIONAL REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can the Swarm let National Review try to look like there is a single testicle in its entire male staff without seconding them when, for once, they finally ditch that worshipful grin they put on to get anti-whites to stop saying meanie things about them?

Even National Review showed that the BUGS/Coulter disgust with them, not to mention the electoral majority, is sick of its pandering. As an article recently said, “A Texan I know heard I was writing for National Review and he said, ‘Isn’t that the magazine with the owner that talks like a queer?’”

Buckley is dead, but his reputation lives on.

The important lessons I get across are so simple nobody but BUGSers can grasp them.

Everybody admits, at least to himself, that President Trump has all the qualifications that impress moderately intelligent people.

He is brave, hard working, a go-getter, and it’s not just the girlish professional commentators who openly praise his guts.

Our criticism, as usual, comes from an all-too-simple reality Trump overlooks.

The average person sees small scale operations, and he sees The Boss as calling in the workers at the start of the day and telling them what to do.

The reason I exercised so much power was because I was truly big league staff. To be frank, I have an awe of secretaries but people who used to be called secretaries and are the Queen are finally getting their proper title:

Office Managers.

No joke, one of my secrets to power was to act towards the Office Manager in a manner that was so worshipful that the Queen would think it was overdone.

But more on that power play genius later.

In the real world, only a supervisor at a lower level TELLS staff what’s on for today. The Big Guys just call in their well-paid staff.

High level staff consults and prepares. And when they appear, each one turns in a set of papers.

And those papers do NOT just list what is to be done.

Senior staff has agreed on who leads that day and he/she hands in at least a day’s work done by himself and his own staff.
When it comes to free speech, it would be the staffer, high-level IRS or GAO, who made the call, not the person he works for.

If Whitaker said it, Ashbrook said it. But Whitaker would REMEMBER that threat.

And let me brag that major figures would FAR rather receive the call from Ashbrook himself.

Ashbrook had some sense of decency.

And of mercy.

But at a pay grade FAR below Trump’s, the senior staffer brings in ALL the things to be dealt with.

Amateurs praise Trump for calling a company head and telling him NOT to move to China. But a pro like Trump should have people far below his pay grade, people like me, go to the IRS or GAO or somebody who will not forget make the call.

And let me brag that major figures would FAR rather receive the call from Ashbrook himself.

If you were refusing to do what my boss told you, I had no such sense.



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