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Hey Teachers!

Leave it to ANY group to “educate” children. If they get money from it, then no matter what worldview they started from, within a few generations they will say environment trumps genes.

Why promote “nurture” over “nature”?

Because their JOB IS “nurture”.

So the more teachers promote the importance of “nurture”, the more they promote their own meal tickets…

Thus begins a downward spiral:

Studies-of-identical-twins-separated-at-birth get memory holed.

Teachers claim “nurture” is EVERYTHING.

Unconsciously or not, teachers hinder the development of naturally gifted children in order to make “nature” seem less real. And when other children inevitably fail, the problem must be the environment: – “home situation” or “DISCRIMINATION”!!

Ah, time to bring out more “teaching” opportunities: Diversity Consultant and Sensitivity Trainer!

Thus do teachers jump on gravy trains of self-justification and scapegoating, at the expense of students and wider society.

This is not unique to teaching either.

If left unchecked, ANY institution will work for the opposite of what it claims.

This is according to a most simple psychological equation:


Follow The Meal Ticket……