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Bob Whitaker launches 2020 presidential run, saying, “Trump is a FAKE president”

“A REAL president would call for the immediate defunding of any college that allows anti-white campus thugs to shut down free speech,” states 2020 Stop White Genocide presidential candidate Bob Whitaker.

Bob stated that as real president he would take these measures and many others:

1. Insist on a free and open discussion of the crime of white genocide without threats of harassment, job loss or imprisonment for the discussants.

2. Fight to restore to their former positions persons like this young lady who was fired by the Attorney General of West Virginia for publicly opposing white genocide.

3. Prosecute churches, charities, etc. that violate their tax status by engaging in political action to carry out White Genocide.

When asked if he supports actions by President Trump that may at least slow White Genocide, Whitaker replied,

“We have a fake president because we haven’t woken up Whites to their genocide so that they demand a real president.”

Bob asks us all to spread the STOP WHITE GENOCIDE message through banners, fliers (see here, herehere and here), emails, and repeating our memes everywhere we can.


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