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The End of an Era — I Hope

In 1944 or 1945, my mother and father were in the line at bank in Atlanta. Ahead of them there was a New Yorker screaming obscenities about the delay.

My mother saw my father walk up to the Big City guy and say something to him. She said the city boy turned white as a sheet and go quiet.

What my father said, very quietly, amounted to this:  “yelling that kind of language may scare people in New York, but a lot of us are Southerners and our wives are with us.”

“Thet can get you killed down here.”

“Be careful on your way back to your hotel.”

No more shrieks.

That was the end of a generation.

The time and place when you could get killed behaving that way around Southern women was about to end. The groveling World War 2 Generation was about to replace the men.

Integrationists and modern conservatives were about to replace the people who simply would not put up with runaway crime and a white population engaged in White Flight.

Even conservative voters would demand and elect people like today’s Trump who talked big in the campaign and then put anything serious at the end of a very, very long list as they appointed big names, and went back to the Same Old Shit about budgets or whatever millionaires talk about at the club.

I have spent a lifetime watching this crap play out, and the Loyal Politicals Serfs chant “Patience” as time rolls by.

I’ll be DAMNED if I am going to do that AGAIN.

Get off your ass, Trump!