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A Prison Wall is Built to Keep People OUT!

For almost twenty years I have been repeating our earliest Mantra:

“If Communism is so great, why did every Communist country have to build a WALL to keep its people in?”

I had used that simple truth to cut down every pseudo intellectual who showed any empathy with Communism.

I had no mercy. Many a time I said, “For the seventeenth time, if Communism is good, why has every single communists state had to build a prison wall to keep its people in?

This worked very well behind the Iron Curtain when it was there, and it is the kind of work I did there which helped take it down.

It worked here, it worked there. But not one conservative publication ever used it ONCE!

Now they have just worked out what they consider an answer.

They have been working over three decades to come up with SOMETHING. Only respectable conservatives have prevented my straight common sense answer from being used.

AT ALL!!!!!

This may sound familiar. David Duke was moving up on the Louisiana State Senate seat. But even the media featured the words that explained the situation. the words I had worked out that put the situation in the exact terms that voguers saw it:

White Genocide.

But no one among respectable conservatives has ever given me ANY credit or, the real point, stopped trying to impress people long enough to SAY what everyone SAW.

Ann Coulter explained this repeatedly as “why people hate the Republicans so much.”

Coulter puts it in plain English: Whites are sick of being knocked round and watching those who claim to speak for them APOLOGIZING to the bullies, declaring how much they RESPECT those bullies. “Talking,” As the Texan put it, “Like a bunch of queers.”

And this Trump-Coulter message, “borrowed” as usual from Bob — and don’t hold your breath waiting for me to get any credit is finally being discovered by its targets.

That is why, after over a generation, one of my earliest arguments is finally being addressed by them.

Why do Communists always have to build walls to keep people in?

I saw the first BBC version of their answer on a BBC show about Hadrian’s Wall.

“Why did they build Hadrian’s Wall?” asked the narrator. And he gave the new standard reply:

“Walls are built to keep people in and to keep people out” So he smiled and said, “Walls are built to keep some people in and some people out.”

“Communist walls were built like all walls to keep some people in and some people out.” This became the Party Line.

So just the other day a woman, desperate to be sophisticated, repeated that line about the Berlin Wall: “It was built to keep some people out and some people in.”

I can cite people were shot down in cold blood trying to get across that wall. I have never heard of anyone who needed the guards there stopping people to get in.

But any answer to the Party Line is always cut off.

This is hard to argue because it says that the entire world leftist machine developed an answer to one man.

That is an answer no one on National Review or Stormfront wants to have HEAR, much the less accepted. When it comes to their rejecting the way putting things that has turned regular people against our rulers, any discussion of it is humiliating. You stand a better chance of hearing about it on anti-white and openly pro-Communist media than you do on those who call themselves pro-white or anti-Communist.

In fact, the only outlet that gives me what I consider credit is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

A lot of people wonder why ONLY the SPLC never fails to recite THE ENTIRE MANTRA in full.

I will explain this, and a few other things, in the next editions of, aka BUGS.

Yes, Dammit, US!!!!!!!!!!!