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Part 2

Posted by Bob on April 7th, 2017 under Coaching Session, How Things Work, Politics

In our last exciting adventure, I pointed out that the enemy has developed an argument against my simple observation that all Communist countries must build walls to keep their people trapped in their new Worker’s Paradise.

But it REALLY sounds weird if you have never been in the BUSINESS of fighting propaganda wars.

Part of the game is recognizing that some memes from our side is answering a meme from the other side, AND THAT SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T DO THIS PROFESSIONALLY WOULD HAVE NOT THE SLIGHTEST HINT OF WHAT IS GOING IN.

In your world these connections have no connection.

This is true for an outsider looking at any battle that is being waged by convincing people, be that the product of Communism or consumer goods.

Right now there is a leading ad genius who is searching to see what HIS nemesis is putting together. And complaining that some Pepsi publicity is honing in on what is being used by Royal Crown Cola.

If this writer showed you an ad and also showed you one of his, it is very unlikely you would see what to him is painfully obvious; That ad is countering HIM, some campaign he has going that he considers subliminal.

So anti-whites and rightists, who have no concept of real menial competition would laugh and point like any other ignorant hunk of trash would.

But the contracted writer for Coke has a gigantic advantage over me. People believe him because he has the title of “advertising writer” and a huge new house to show it off.

If you fight for a cause, there is no visible difference between him and the ineffective ones.

When John Ashbrook, my congressman boss, became ranking minority member and took over staffing of the House Education and Labor, I took over as boss of staffing on the Ed and Labor Committee, he gave me three desks, and an independent staff.

John didn’t even notice I had three full time jobs until our Chief of Staff mentioned it to him. And by then there was nothing to be done about it.

So a couple of years later he died, I had my own heart attacks and nervous breakdown, and everything we did was credited to those who had the time and effort to SPARE to CLAIM CREDIT.

From the beginning I have told you that Washington politics takes everything you’ve got, so there are two types of people in them: 1) Those who DO things and 2) those who take credit for them.

How long do you think it will be before the person who brought “white genocide” into the daylight and showed how effective it could be will get any credit for it AT ALL?

I knew the score LONG before I got myself into this game.

The point here is that a person like Trump, who is new to this form of combat, assumes that the guy who can sell vacuum cleaners can sell ideas.

My answer is, Candidates like our Hoover man can sell, but not put ideas in action.

I am sure you have known quite well that this sort of rule existed inside that cyclone where our society’s direction is determined.

For me to say that a whole side of the political spectrum has been endangered by me personally will get a smiling No Comment.

To a great extent what I am fighting for was over your head, but I have never before encountered a group like BUGS. We are nationwide, which previously took a lifetime to accomplish by itself.

No one DARES to confront me and everybody knows I created it, but not one of our “leaders” will mention it.

But my problem is honestly not the one the trash would instantly shout, it is I traded money and fame for Power.

And I GOT the POWER. Nothing else can equal the new chance my race is getting now that white genocide is being exposed and every “opposition” speech doesn’t turn into an abortion debate.

But now I must bring up this battle between me and the anti-whites where they are forced to repeat just how dangerous my approach is.

The SPLC for once has to tell its contributors the absolute truth, to quote me directly in order to make it known that they are facing a whole new battle front.

No longer can an anti-white rich man just call some Pay For Pray Preacher and get this Leader of the Right to denounce anyone who is not allowing to get colors immigrating into them mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.

No longer can every public official who shows doubts about immigration just get a call from some conservative who is directed to scream that he get back on abortion or Prayers in Schools.

SPLC is telling people that this Whitaker is changing the rules with which they are thoroughly familiar.

The only people who have a heavy stake in the Old Way seems to be those I once respected as those who had the courage to be pro-white.

Me or the money-raisers, which do you imagine anti-whites are rooting for?

Those who stuck with WOL suspected there was this sort of story behind the story, a lot to learn.

Would you like some more in this vein? Or should we get back to commenting on comments of those commenting and which item they make today’s “hot topic?”

Here, you will find that every single thing Trump won on is what I was pushing then. If you read our “pro-white leaders”, you will wonder why they bother to write the same articles over and over.

The battle I am fighting largely involves a time gap between the time I put it here and everybody on our side has forgotten it and the time it becomes Really New Stuff.

“Nobody ever HEARD of White Genocide.”

Maybe the problem is not that the message was not there but that heads then were in the same place they are now.

  1. #1 by Yankee Rebel on 04/08/2017 - 10:08 am

    As far as I’m concerned, Bob, is the only real pro-White leader. All the other David Dukes and such are money-raisers who borrow just enough of Bob’s ideas to spice up their rhetoric, but then add their own spin to keep the cash coming in. We know who deserves the real credit even if nobody else does. Kudos to Bob!

    • #2 by Secret Squirrel on 04/08/2017 - 10:57 am

      I’d call them money raisers, but they aren’t particularly good at it. I think frustrated news reporters is a better description.

      Q: How much mental effort does it take to repeat the latest news and say whether you like it or not? What does it change?

      A: Not much and nothing.

      “Kudos to Bob!”

      +1 Bob is the only one that uses his brain.

  2. #3 by RobRoy on 04/28/2017 - 11:47 am

    You’re wrong about one thing, Bob, we’re not just nationwide we’re worldwide.

    Any research on white genocide leads back to BUGS.

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