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My calling Trump a fake president that quick was a mistake. I am sure a lot of you felt that way, but, as HD put it, I so often turnout to be right that he didn’t want to call me on it.

This will surprise you. Even after my accusation, there was no sign that Mr. Trump had lost the will to live. He has scribble no notes hinting at suicide or gone into the week-long drinking bouts one might expect.

I think he’s going to make it.

Election after election, decade after decade, we elected people who actually seemed as if they had principles. I gave a major part of my life to getting Reagan’s policy of the method by which the Red Empire could be destroyed.

But the same night he got the nomination, Reagan was agreeing on a program with the spokes(man?) of Republican moderates, George Bush, to return the Party to its rightful owners in eight years.

As always, conservatives have not one single person who was capable of dealing with taking and holding long-term power.

Reagan and Bush were in the same Party, so that in a normal situation there would be a huge overlap between their appointees.

But when Bush took over in 1989, he went after every single Reaganite in his Administration. Bush Republicans in each office would hold little celebrations when the last Reaganite was removed!

This drooling conservative obedience went on for over half a century. No other former Republican appointee even MENTIONS it!

So you can see why I might be trifle touchy on the point.

I do think that if we are going to be touchy, this the point on which we SHOULD be touchy.

On the building of the wall at our hostile Mexican border, the all-out business approach Trump preaches would have a staff that would routinely have first plans for building that bridge on his desk long before he took office.

I know that when I as senior staffer. we knew which issues had dominated the election and we had the file complete and ready for his review when the session started.

The Trump who was asked about the bridge in the article that set me off sounded like a helpless Republican conservative: “Bridge, what bridge,” “Materials, you mean its gottta be made out of something.”

That Trump who fumbled those questions was the very model of the kind of person on his reality show at whom Trump would shout “You’re FIRED!”

So I hope, I hope to the depths of my being, that I overreacted.