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Bob RAW #015 – Trump a fake president?? Ask yourself this question

Trump fake president…ask yourself this question



Who Will Trump’s Wall Bring In?

I watched the BBC program which launched the answer to my statement, the constant repetition of a new mantra: “Why did every Communist country have to have a prison wall around it?”

I haven’t seen BUGSERS adopt it, and neither  Jared Taylor nor Dr. Duke has denounced it yet, but I’ve only been using it a year or so. 

Anyway, the other side is beginning to notice my memes the way our side never will. It took them a year, but by now I recognize it when what they are giving is what we used to call The Line.

The BBC mouth had that unmistakable semi-smile about it as he pronounced The Lesson of the Day.

“Why was the Berlin Wall built?  Why was Hardian’s Wall built?”

“To keep some people in and some people out.”

“That’s why the Berlin Wall was built.  To keep some people in and some people out.”

Back to Bob, I was in Berlin at an international refugee conference in 1959. I visited the refugee camps.

East Germany was having zero problems with anyone coming IN.

But the pressure of people wanting OUT had gotten West Gemany to lower the age of voluntarily leaving the People’s Paradise that they had raised the minimum age to 14.

East Germany was losing HALF of its potential work force.

Every other Communist country on earth had a wall to keep people. But when the Berlin Wall went up, not one single media outlet, left or right, MENTIONED that those walls were up around ALL OTHER Communist states!

Don’t worry,  pro-whites will keep it a secret.

Anti-whites are so disciplined. I have already heard several regular people/anti-whites declare “A wall is to keep some people in and some people out,” when I, as usual alone, talked about those Commie walls.

Let me tell the vacuum that you would not get away with saying that TRUMP’S proposed wall would “keep some people in and some people out.”

You would hear the anti-white response in a yell echoing coast-to coast:

“How DARE you!!!!   It’s to keep OUT Mexicans!”

They would SCREAM it, and there would be no Jared Yaylors or National Reviews to hush it up.