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To say what everyone already knows has tremendous advantages. You don’t have to use precious space introducing new info.

When you stick to what everyone knows it’s difficult for opponents to disagree.

Africa for the Africans. – yes

Asia for the Asians. – yes

White countries for EVERYONE?? –??

People agree with the first two points, thus forming a Chain-Of-Yes. The BUGS specialty is following a Chain-Of-Yes with a jarring CONTRADICTION.

It creates tremendous DISSONANCE.

Another example:

A bright future for our Black children; said the Black Hero

A bright future for our Asian children; said the Asian Hero

A bright future for our White children; said the “segregationist”??

Another example, complete with all the characteristic components: – See if you can identify them:

Chain-Of-Yes, jarring contradiction, explanation, and punchlines:

Nobody is saying Asians will ever be a minority in Asia Nobody is saying Africans will ever be a minority in Africa So why are they saying White people will be a minority in EVERY White country in 2040?

That’s because “anti-racists” FORCE Diversity on EVERY & ONLY white countries! Because “anti-racists” want a world without White children! Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Diversity means chasing down the last white person.

This demonstration could have been done with just about any White Genocide post.

They follow the same characteristic pattern, and together they are devastating:


Jarring contradiction.