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Back To Business

Laura, Ez and I have completed the move to our our new headquarters.

It is time to assess where we are to begin our new pushes.

Please note the plural.  I see this differently from others, which is the reason you are reading this.

Our biggest hit has been “White Genocide.”  They built the altright on slowly slamming that vast piece of truth down their throats. But I knew hitting everybody with THAT reality would be SOMETHING huge!

Jared Taylor sighed delicately, put his hand over his brow, and said “White Genocide is a tough sell.”

By then, Trump had retweeted it at least twice.

The AFP put on Jared for a Trump ad.

Trump immediately repudiated those money spending geniuses. I did a pro-Trump which he certainly did NOT repudidate.

Who the hell ARE these self-styled “great minds” who have led pro-whites in their steady slide over the past two generations?

How long will we continue to feed their egos and get nothing for it?

You finaly got it out there, and white genocide is out there, all over, big time.

That potential is as clear as day to me and even harder sell:

Not only would our success in spreding this one be as great as that of “white genocide”, but it’s even SHORTER.

Here it is, in its entirety:

“Chasing down white people.”  Anti-whites got that one legally BANNED!

Don’t bother to say, Jared and Dr. Duke, we know what they are going to say, in chorus;   ”chasing down whites” is a HARD SELL!”

I KNOW “Chasing down whites” is a hard sell.

I am the only one to cut back on money raising to do something for the Cause.

Well, they can get back to raising funds.

We serious pro-whites have to go back again and do it again.

And in a year or two …hard sell, call it three, we will have a whole massive moment like altright.

It will not be one more group competing for money, it will seem to come from nowhere, as white genocide did.

There’s always this, “He is the only man who has the courage to tell the truth.”

But under their leadership for sixty years I watched everything for whites survival dieing.

Telling The Truth to An Empty Room Can raise money, but a war of words must be fought by someone who knows how to use them.

It takes the endless effort you spent on white genocide.

We know now that the road will be long, but, unlike under our old money-raising leaders, we do not have to LOSE.

We threw away TWO GENERATIONS and the cost will be enormous. But if you can’t see our results, your too dumb to be of use to anybody.

They say, it is time to do something to Expose the Federal Reserve Conspiracy, up the revelation that “The Jews did it.”


Most Morons are smarter then that!

We have two generations of sheer idiocy to try to make up for, decades buying the promise that it won’t be hard work, we just EXPOSE THEM and the world is our oyster. This is BS.

Take off the diaper and get to where the fight is.