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=Chasing Down Whites=

By Krishna Dharma 
“Diversity” means chasing down whites.
If there is any white community anywhere, the overpopulation of the third-world must go there.
This is what anti-whites mean when they scream about “Diversity” and how all white countries and only white countries must have it.
Anti-whites will scream when any white Heretic opposes this enforced program of “Diversity.”
Anti-white thugs will bully any Heretic trying to exercise free speech. The screamers, thugs and thought-police will not allow anyone to escape as “Diversity” chases us down.


Howdy Hereditary Peers!

In contrast to an institution of teachers, who tend to promote environment over genes (see the article “Hey Teachers!”)…

A system that would promote GENES over environment would be based on BIRTH.

But left unchecked, one would expect hereditary rulers’ to only be loyal to CLAAAHSS.

And that is what we do find:

The “Royal” family in Britain, the family occupying Windsor Castle, does not care what nationality or race their subjects are. So long as they have SUBJECTS.

That is why if you take a look at a historical atlas of Europe in the Early Modern Period… it might seem that at some point the almost landlocked Austrians suddenly took over Spain and the Netherlands in the most remarkable amphibious assaults of all time!

But what really happened was lands being transferred between different branches of the same INTERNATIONAL family.

For them, nations are merely things to trade among themselves.

That is why Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth the Second-Rate, was called “King of Greece”, even though he was born in Germany and later lived in England. But Phil is neither Greek nor German nor English.

And a final example to illustrate this. It is how we get Queen Victoria being delighted to be named “Empress”, but to her annoyance only over India. The whites in the empire didn’t accept this title…

So don’t be surprised that the “royal” families stab us in the back!

If left unchecked, ANY institution will work for the opposite of what it claims.



The Two-Word Solution to the Korean Problem

Bob originally posted this article on March 15th, 2003 –

The more I think about fashionable opinion, the shorter my answers to it become.

On February 22, 2003, in The Three-Word Solution to the North Korean Problem, I pointed out that fashionable opinion in the 1960s used to worry about Urban Guerrillas.

What would we do, worried one fashionable opinionater after another, if Urban Guerrillas seized a city?

My answer was four words long:

“Cut off the water.”

You see, fashionable opinion is formulated in cities, and city people have no idea how vulnerable their little city world is.

But if you don’t realize how vulnerable cities are you can kill a LOT of people. Instead of cutting off the water you would send in thousands of soldiers to die, just as many Americans are talking about doing in Baghdad.

My answer to the Urban Guerrillas Problem was four words long. My solution to the North Korean Problem was three words long:

“Let ‘em sink.”

Like all leftism, Communism is just plain silly. No Communist state has ever survived without constant and massive help from non-Communist countries.

North Korea will not be able to massacre its people for long without our help, and Bush Administration is as desperate as any liberal to save the North Korean regime at taxpayer expense.

So fashionable opinion is trying to find a way to get North Korea to accept our help in return for more promises. We can either “Let ‘em sink” or we can help Communism kill some more tens of millions of people.


You have to go all the way with the three-word solution or kill a lot of people. As to Urban Guerrillas, you have to adopt the four-word solution entirely or kill thousands of our soldiers.

Now we come to the two-word solution for the Korean Problem.

That solution is:


We have thirty five thousand human sacrifices in South Korea right now. Those American soldiers are stationed in South Korea for absolutely no purpose except to die if North Korea attacks.

Someone in the Bush Administration just mentioned withdrawing some of those troops. The immediate result was a huge pro-American demonstration in Seoul. They had just voted in a new South Korean Government that demanded US withdrawal.

As long as we insist on keeping our human sacrifices in South Korea the South Koreans, the Japanese and the Chinese will sit around and act self-righteous while we deal with North Korea.

But to make it work, you have to take the whole two-word solution. To take care of North Korea you have to take the whole three-word solution. To deal with Urban Guerrillas you have to do t the whole four words without compromise.

No compromises. No fashionable rhetoric.

Just do it.


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Escaping the ‘Traditional Hispanic Vote’

A couple of years ago, a liberal publication was celebrating the Miami community’s return to the politics that made Cuba what it is today.

It pointed out that it was the older Cubans who voted conservative in reaction to Castro.

But recently, they said, Miami Hispanics had “returned to more traditional Hispanic positions.”

If you want to be ruled by “Hispanics,” then why the hell did you emigrate.

As I have said in three books, “Mexico is poor because it is populated by Mexicans.”

Bring the same people here and we will be one more Mexico.

All brown countries are poor.

Make a country brown and everybody will want out of it, too.

It’s called cause and effect, a concept completely alien to “Latino Tradition.”


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Tucker FINALLY calls a fool a FOOL

Tucker Carlson Demolishes ‘White Genocide’ Professor George Ciccariello Maher

I couldn’t BELIVE it!

Tucker Carlson, a fully qualified respectable conservative, actually READ what an anti-white said and pronounced it “Childish!!

The anti-white was the professor who recited, “All I Want for Chistmas is White Genocide.” But for decades the RESPECTABLE conservative — and the standard “pro-white” reply,  was to treat the screaming, salivating anti-white as if he WERE a True Intellectual.

Jared would smile and ask only that he be treated as a True Gentleman, which never happened.

In this case the anti-white said that pro-whites had no right to free speech because the heresies they spoke had not been cleard by leftist professors in advance.

This “peer review” crap always will leave the pro-white grinning hopelesly, hoping some anti-white will treat him like whatever claahss he imagines himself to be, meanwhile keeping that hopeful grin on his face, the one that looks like it must leave a permanent crease all the way down to his anus.

If this sounds gross, it’s not half as gross as watching the conservative keep that false painful grin on his face for ten minutes or more, while giving the little chuckles that beg The Great Intellectual to approve of him.

Tuck finally actually READ some of the “peer reviewed crap.”

And Carlson actually stated what he had read:

“Childish!”, “Incomprehensable” were two terms he used.

Very soon our “intellectual” anti-white was off the show. Carlson had broken that absolute law of respectable conservatism.

Tucker, for the first time in fifty to sixty years, did not just grin at the anti-white, or accept him unquestioningly as a “true intellectual.”

And it WORKED, a result, which violates the First rule of Conservative Respectability.

I doubt this performance will ever be repeated.