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Heads up!

Posted by Bob on May 2nd, 2017 under Coaching Session

Something utterly new has happened:

PRO-WHITES on American campuses have begun to demand free speech on campus.

In Europe the Communists ruled all discussion just as Commies do here. But almost as soon as the Nazis began to take  on the Reds in the streets, Communists started losing. In fact, the elapse between the right beginning to show some testosterone and their taking power was, in historical terms,  very very short.

By the election of 1932, no government could be formed without including the Communists with their usual thugs and mob rule on campus. The same thing had happened in Italy a decade before, when testosterone drowned out their Old Right. I have discussed repeatedly the fact that Moussolini lost the March on Rome when he almost MISSED the March that gave him power.

Mousilini had just made one more demand that the masses march, just as our “leaders” make the demand and wait for the usual flow of money and praise to come in.  But this time, unlike their “leaders,” who sat there and told each other what a hard sell any real action would be, their base wanted POWER.

By 1932 poor effeminate sighing “leadership” had FINALLY bored away everybody who had an actual heartbeat.

More important a new “leadersadership had risen that actually LISTENED to what was going on.

Suddenly, as now, the LEFTISTS made it clear to the meanest that there would no longer be even a pretence of free speech for anyone but them, and for only a small portion of THEM.

Which is suddenly where we are now.

Twice the present pro-white “pros” tried to do a Trump commercial.

He repeated and retweeted ours.

  1. #1 by Krishna Dharma on 05/02/2017 - 10:47 am

    Antiwhite screamers, thugs and thought-police are complaining that pro-whites are now demanding a little free speech and some pro-whites are on the streets ready to fight their thugs.

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