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Tucker FINALLY calls a fool a FOOL

Tucker Carlson Demolishes ‘White Genocide’ Professor George Ciccariello Maher

I couldn’t BELIVE it!

Tucker Carlson, a fully qualified respectable conservative, actually READ what an anti-white said and pronounced it “Childish!!

The anti-white was the professor who recited, “All I Want for Chistmas is White Genocide.” But for decades the RESPECTABLE conservative — and the standard “pro-white” reply,  was to treat the screaming, salivating anti-white as if he WERE a True Intellectual.

Jared would smile and ask only that he be treated as a True Gentleman, which never happened.

In this case the anti-white said that pro-whites had no right to free speech because the heresies they spoke had not been cleard by leftist professors in advance.

This “peer review” crap always will leave the pro-white grinning hopelesly, hoping some anti-white will treat him like whatever claahss he imagines himself to be, meanwhile keeping that hopeful grin on his face, the one that looks like it must leave a permanent crease all the way down to his anus.

If this sounds gross, it’s not half as gross as watching the conservative keep that false painful grin on his face for ten minutes or more, while giving the little chuckles that beg The Great Intellectual to approve of him.

Tuck finally actually READ some of the “peer reviewed crap.”

And Carlson actually stated what he had read:

“Childish!”, “Incomprehensable” were two terms he used.

Very soon our “intellectual” anti-white was off the show. Carlson had broken that absolute law of respectable conservatism.

Tucker, for the first time in fifty to sixty years, did not just grin at the anti-white, or accept him unquestioningly as a “true intellectual.”

And it WORKED, a result, which violates the First rule of Conservative Respectability.

I doubt this performance will ever be repeated.