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Howdy Hereditary Peers!

In contrast to an institution of teachers, who tend to promote environment over genes (see the article “Hey Teachers!”)…

A system that would promote GENES over environment would be based on BIRTH.

But left unchecked, one would expect hereditary rulers’ to only be loyal to CLAAAHSS.

And that is what we do find:

The “Royal” family in Britain, the family occupying Windsor Castle, does not care what nationality or race their subjects are. So long as they have SUBJECTS.

That is why if you take a look at a historical atlas of Europe in the Early Modern Period… it might seem that at some point the almost landlocked Austrians suddenly took over Spain and the Netherlands in the most remarkable amphibious assaults of all time!

But what really happened was lands being transferred between different branches of the same INTERNATIONAL family.

For them, nations are merely things to trade among themselves.

That is why Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth the Second-Rate, was called “King of Greece”, even though he was born in Germany and later lived in England. But Phil is neither Greek nor German nor English.

And a final example to illustrate this. It is how we get Queen Victoria being delighted to be named “Empress”, but to her annoyance only over India. The whites in the empire didn’t accept this title…

So don’t be surprised that the “royal” families stab us in the back!

If left unchecked, ANY institution will work for the opposite of what it claims.