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Anyone who calls White Genocide a conspiracy does not speak English

By Bob Whitaker:

“White Genocide is no conspiracy. A conspiracy is something which is secret. Those advocating White Genocide have made it clear that their goal is that there be no white race.

All the way back into the 20’s, back into the 1860’s, they have said the purpose of integration, immigration, intermarriage is to get rid of the White race. Now all of a sudden, now that their getting called on it, they’re saying, “what, what, what… goodness gracious??” but even in the 50’s they would always say that the idea was, either that there would be no more races, which was not meant because they were only integrating things in white countries or they would simply state flatly that their aim was that there would be no white race.

They talked about how wonderful this would be, how idealistic this would be but there was no conspiracy, there was no secrecy and I think we need to come down hard on that. That it is ridiculous to say that the people who were advocating white genocide ever advocated anything else, or that they were secretive about it. The end of the white race, which is called GENOCIDE as a goal, that’s the definition of the word, has always been out in the open. As usual when they make a ridiculous statement like that we don’t say a friggin word, we just sit there, mentally asleep, and  let them do it. So if there is anybody awake, reading this or listening to this, PLEASE, PLEASE point out that White Genocide was never a conspiracy. White Genocide has been the stated goal of all the anti-whites all down through history. No one denied it, no one made it secret.

When I called it what it was they suddenly started acting like as if we were accusing them of as if they were conspiring, or something dramatic and silly like that, but the fact is that Genocide, meaning the end of the white race, has always been a stated goal of the anti-whites, all the way back to New England, and the 19th century.

There’s no conspiracy, and that is one of these lies you can get away with if you own the media. It’s about time we started challenging it and these other little tactics that they can use because they own the media. White genocide has nothing to do with conspiracy.

It is Genocide and it has been declared genocide from the word GO.

Anyone who calls White Genocide a conspiracy does not speak English






Our Side AND Giving Credit

By Bob Whitaker:

“I admit it freely, their side gives credit in the right places. Our side does not.

It finally occurred to me why this would be true. The people who make their livings on contributions, do not want competition and would prefer that those of us who are not as well known don’t compete with them. That makes perfectly good sense, they don’t think of it that way because they are honorable people and it’s a dishonorable point of view but lately I’ve noticed that the SPLC and ADL were pointing out that the slogan White genocide was slaughtering the others, the anti-whites, and had Duke gotten onto it earlier he might have won the election for United States Senate.

But of course Taylor had pointed out earlier, that this made him tired, that white genocide was a “hard sell” and so forth, which it sounds like I’m trying to make a brave man look cowardly but really it’s just the way things occur. Some people have complained to me and I’m proud of my stands and if I give our side something good I would like at least people to notice it.

But its good old fashioned jealously. And its quite normal in politics that the people who are doing the spinning don’t get credit for it, normally they get money for it. In my case I would like some credit.

So I have thought it over, and finally figured out, usually, if you do a little logical consideration, but it’s hard to be logical when you’re taking a position which takes some guts to take, and now you’re not being given credit for it.

So.. I have now done my bellyaching.”

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