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Trump Persuasion Techniques – intro

The rise of someone high-profile such as Donald Trump to attack Political Correctness has happened just as our model predicted.

Over years we’ve bombarded the battlefield so often with our devastating memes that the anti-white war words are backfiring.

Even so, Trump is a masterful persuader, so we can learn from his techniques.

Others have explained many of these, so I’ll mention some that I’ve not seen anyone else point out.

Most of Trump’s persuasion magic happens while speaking. This way there are more cues that he can work with: tone of voice, facial expression, gestures, etc.

One point to notice. Look at when an audience cheers what Trump is saying, Trump will often at that moment say the words:

“Believe me. Believe me.”

It is an anchor for when he says the words “believe me” in other contexts.

This is just one technique that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else.

More articles will follow. Believe me.