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Intro to Twitter

Peter cottontail created a working thread about twitter and a list of white genocide accounts, so I thought this post of Mantraseeds was a good repost and work discussion starter.

As Peter has suggested, following all Bugsers white genocide accounts and re-tweeting as many white genocide tweets as possible.

We have seen the term white genocide go viral on different occasions by the Swarmers using twitter. (click image)

Bob always said his greatest achievement was the Swarm and its ability to get out there and stay on point.

Mantraseed’s working thread post was from

BY Johnny Mantraseed:
Original thread HERE

Well, I can’t sleep, and as I’ve toyed with writing a thread like this for some time, I’ll give it a whirl. A caveat: I am not Genseric, and never will be Genseric. That is, I am utterly incapable of being pithy and getting to the point, LOL. So, wade through if you think it will be of benefit. I do think I will have a handful of pointers that not many know. They aren’t game-changing, but they are handy. I’ll try to bold them and label them as Tips.

I won’t spend much time on the VERY basic stuff, like what a hashtag (#) is. Briefly, a hashtag is a way to “log” your Tweet into a larger discussion. #s were designed to allow people to easily find other people talking about the same thing, whether it’s the Lord of the Rings, porn (gods forbid), Christianity, rap … whatever. There’s a # for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. So if you lambast “diversity”, slapping a # on it—e.g., #diversity—will allow it to “feed” into #diversity … which other people will be searching for (and, thus, see your Tweet).

Tip # 1: Sometimes I wonder about the purpose of a #, simply because Twitter’s algorithm is so strong that it will find all relevant results for the word in question. Point being, tip-wise, YOU WILL ALWAYS GET MORE AND BETTER RESULTS IF YOU SEARCH FOR THINGS WITHOUT THE HASHTAG, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS SOMETHING YOU CARE ABOUT. Every day, multiple times a day on my phone, I search

White Genocide

It will bring up FAR MORE results than searching for #WhiteGenocide and #antiWhite. You can find LOTS of handy things. For instance, I’ve seen hundreds of billboard Tweets since the one in Arkansas went up, and a new surge since the one in Alabama. When a random person drives by that sign and wants to make fun of it, they aren’t going to slap a # on anti-White and write “#antiwhite”. They don’t know it’s enough of a “thing” to warrant a #. If you search “#antiwhite” you’re going to miss out on all of those goodies. You can find lots of relevant things. Near the White Man March, I found a self-described antifa group that had posted the name and phone number of a BUGSter, and was able to convey a warning to them immediately through a mutual contact … and I was at work, on my phone. Twitter is powerful.

Regarding @s. This is how you contact someone. If you include their “@” (for instance, I am @JMantraseed) anywhere in your Tweet, it will go to them. It doesn’t have to be in the front. They will then see it in their notification timeline. Twitter has reformatted itself. You’ll notice that every page (at least on a computer … the Twitter app on a smartphone doesn’t have this yet) now has “Tweets” and “Tweets and replies.”

Anything starting with “@” gets filed under “Tweets and replies”. If people are using their laptop, they they are less likely to see it on your page. However, this is handy, because sometimes when you want to interact with people, you don’t necessarily want that on your “billboard” of main Tweets. It’s a good way to keep your Tweets “powerful,” and still interact with people without cluttering up your main timeline.

Tip # 2: I have read the following in multiple places, but it is technically hearsay. If you are Tweeting a hostile, or someone more likely to block you, put something before their @. Basically, you just don’t want the @ being the first character in a Tweet. Often, I—and most—will use


in lieu of


The “word on the street” is that, if they block you—blocking can lead to ultimate suspension, and the total rebuilding of a Twitter account in which you have invested—it “counts less” if you didn’t start out with “@”. Supposedly, Twitter counts one as an “interaction” and one as a “mention.”

Tip # 3: This is also “word on the street,” but, once again, I’ve seen it multiple places. If someone DOES block you … block them back. Supposedly, that also protects your account more.

Tip # 4: To find out if someone blocked you, you can try following them … if it doesn’t let you, they have blocked you. HOWEVER, that’s not the best way … you don’t want to be randomly following and unfollowing hostiles and strangers. SO … create a List. Set it to Private. Try adding the user in question to a List. If it LETS you … then they haven’t blocked you. If it DOESN’T let you … then they have. BTW, IF IT’S SET TO PRIVATE, nobody will know whether you’ve added them or not. If it’s PUBLIC, people WILL know when you have added them to a List. You do NOT have to be following someone to add them to a List.

Tip # 5: While we are talking about Lists … USE THEM. My single biggest regret is not filtering people into Lists when I first started using Twitter. If you follow a large number of people—which is normally necessary to be followed BY a large number of people—your Home feed will swiftly become unusable. I have 2,227 followers, and I follow 2,187. When I click on my Home feed … it’s simply unusable. Pages of new Tweets every few seconds. And I have too many to take the time to go back and sift through from the beginning. If I could do it over again, I might put people into Conservative, Liberal, Christian, NRx, AMPW, Pagan, etc. Those obviously overlap, but people tend to Tweet about the same things. Now, this presumes you WANT to read their Tweets … which you normally won’t. It’s not a matter of disrespect; you just won’t have the time. HOWEVER, you’ll find that Twitter is very much driven by petty egotism, and it’s good to spread your RTs around, hit different groups, etc. As crass and Jew-y as this sound, try to schmooze your followers when you can, make them feel important, etc. BUGS is about practical politics, not Aryan virtue. 🙂

But even that is unfeasible, with a very large amount. Basically, I don’t even read Tweets anymore … well, I do, but I read #s. I don’t read lists of followers. I just throw stuff out there. But I make certain to try to “interact” with anyone and everyone who “@’s” me, to build involvement and be available.

Twitter Meta-Philosophy:

As a BUGSter, as I see it, you basically have three broad options. These are obviously simplified, and I have seen BUGSters use each.

1) Don’t worry about followers AT ALL, or even worry about saying the same thing repeatedly. This type of account basically Tweets the same thing over and over and over and over to DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Jason normally uses this approach. HOWEVER, it can be very effective. He was RT’d by a comedian once that had over 400,000 followers.

That being said, IF YOU DO THAT, most people won’t follow you (or, rather, you will lose them), because you are going to spam their Home feed, and they’ll get tired of seeing the Tweets. Also, if you DO want 100 people to see the Mantra … you’ll have to Tweet 100 times (or use #’s, but I’m simplifying), since nobody is following you.

But if you do that, people … for Odin’s sake, use a fricking Avatar. MOST PEOPLE IGNORE anything that a generic “egg” account, with the default avatar and no followers, says.

Come to think of it, if you ARE going to create one of these hack/mass-Tweeting accounts, you should let BUGSters know, so that we can give you easy follows. That way, you can “mass Tweet” with a picture and 20 followers, and people will think you are more of a “real person”. Once you get banned, post the link to your new account, and wash, rinse, repeat.

2) The medium approach. Don’t worry about having too many followers, and Tweet a lot … but not to the level of 1) above. I would say the vast majority of BUGSters do this. Acquire 300 followers or so, and Tweet all you want. A fine approach, and perhaps the best.

3) Try to get A LOT of followers and constantly acquire them. This is what I do and, judging by observation, what LL does.

A digression:
Many/most people with lots of followers, even if they follow you, will never see your Tweets. That fact almost puts the whole matrix of “acquiring followers” into the “what’s the fricking point?” category. However, many do. I’ve had people with 10,000 and 20,000 followers RT me, when I thought they weren’t even reading my Tweets. So some do still see them.

ALSO, as a corollary … it’s almost BETTER to be followed by someone with 200 followers than someone with 129,000 followers, that is ALSO FOLLOWING 129,000 people. Why? Because the person with 200 followers is MUCH MORE LIKELY to see and RT your stuff. And, you know, factor that into your advertising. That is, when I have a “conservative” or someone I’m trying to “infect” (albeit with a healthy virus … the Mantra) that RT’s my stuff, I’ll be sure to RT theirs every now and then.

The advantage this approach has is that, if you don’t have a lot of TIME to pull off 1), after months of investment, you can whip out your phone, shoot something out there, and ~2,000 people will see it. See what I’m saying? You don’t HAVE to Tweet 100 times to make 100 impressions under option 3).

Which leads me to:

4) This is nothing you “can” do. It just “is”. LOL. This is reserved for “movement celebrities,” like Horus. That kind of account acquires a LOT of followers, but DOESN’T FOLLOW MANY BACK.

Key word? R-A-T-I-O. Every savvy Twitter user knows that the RATIO of following-to-followers is the most impressive thing. For example.

Johnny Mantraseed:

Following: 2,187
Followers: 2,227

Horus the Avenger:

Following: 95
Followers: 1,015

I have TWICE as many followers as Horus … and I would trade accounts with him in a New York-minute. That kind of RATIO is golden, and virtually unachievable except for celebrities, musicians, girls tweeting naked pics (gods forbid), or “movement” celebrities within a given niche.

Tip # 6: If you DO want to try 3)—and it’s easy to do—simply go through lists of “friendlies” and follow them. In a week or two, UNFOLLOW anyone who hasn’t followed you back. Jew-y? Yes. The way it’s done? Yes.

We in BUGS are about RESULTS and ADVERTISING and INFLUENCE. We don’t play games that aren’t available. We play the game in front of us.

There are websites out there that, in a matter of seconds, will tell you who you are following that isn’t following you back, and vice versa. In 30 seconds you can unfollow 100 people. Easy, easy, easy.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Quick caveat: Don’t follow or unfollow too many people at once. Twitter changes their suspension-algorithm, so I don’t know what the current limits are. However, don’t go following 800 people at at time—or, for that matter, unfollowing 800 people at a time—because you’ll get suspended. I usually shoot for ~50 a week.

Search around, read articles and reviews, and find one you trust. MANY do “auto-updates” to your account that post how many followers/unfollowers they’ve gained/lost on a given day, along with “pitches” every now and then for the service.

Don’t use those. They come across as narcissistic and annoying. Not all services do that, though. I’ve used the same one for a year—and you have to provide your password—and have had Z-E-R-O problems. I won’t post what it is here, but you can DM me on Twitter or PM me on SF if you want to know.

Random Tips/Ideas for the future:

Tip (Idea) # 7:
#s have “top results,” “top pictures,” “top videos,” etc. Whenever you do a search, you have the option to look through “Top” or “All.” This essentially functions in the same way that YouTube’s “Top Comments” used to function. The more RTs, Favorites, and Responses a Tweet has, the higher it gets. EVENTUALLY, when we have the numbers, we need to start targeting #s.

Once we progress to that point, we need to target things within our reach. For instance, on a quickly moving hashtag like #tcot (true conservatives on Twitter), especially when it is trending, you’ll get 40 Tweets every 10 seconds (or way, way more in many cases), and the Top Tweets will have 60-400 RTs.

We don’t have the numbers to pull that off right now. However, we DO have the numbers to get to the top of #Diversity, #WhitePrivilege, et al. When we do this, it won’t just be a random RTing of every BUGSter. A Tweet will need to be CAREFULLY CRAFTED for optimal impact, posted in the working thread, and we’ll all RT it, Fav. it, and talk to each other under it.

(Mini-)Tip # 8:
Speaking of favorites: Many use them as “social capital,” i.e., “This isn’t good enough to RT, but I’ll favorite it.” Even more cynically, many people will fav. random stuff that seems agreeable—since that shows up in someone’s timeline—and hope that the person follows them.

Sometimes it works. I don’t do it. The favorite function was ACTUALLY designed to let you “mark” Tweets you really like and go back to them. I saw the following suggestion in a Twitter marketing thing, and I use it. Remember, BUGS is about advertising, propaganda, etc. … so this truly isn’t said out of ego. It’s all propaganda, baby!

I use “favorites” as, basically, my billboard. If a “big name” RTs my video, or if it get a really good compliment from someone, or when a good account lists me as a #FF (favorite follower), I’ll favorite that and leave it. That way, instead of 40,000,000 favorites you’ll never look through (and neither will anyone else …), since you’ve been using them as social capital, you’ll now have 20-100, and someone will be more tempted to look … and they’ll see what an outstanding, well-complimented lad you are. LOL.

And, sometimes, I’ll “favorite” simply b/c I don’t know how to reply (essentially using it as social capital to end a conversation) and then, days later, after that Tweet is buried in the recipient’s timeline, go back and unfavorite it (so that my favorites aren’t cluttered).

(Mini-)Tip # 9: As an aside, I also have 8-12 Tweets of my own favorited, all with mini-Mantras in different languages. That way, instead of going to the thread at BUGS, I can just hit my favorites and copy/paste. You can also go to @JMantraseed and access my favorites, and copy/paste from there … BUGS is shareware, copy/paste away!

(Mini-)Tip # 10: There are two ways of using pictures. Both have their merits.

1) Tweeting pics as responses. The upside of this is that they end up on a lot of #’s, and a lot of people see them. The downside is, if people look at your pics, they’ll see lots of repetition and quickly lose interest.

2) Almost never using the same pic twice … and mixing in pro-White, pro-European pics. This is the tactic I’ve taken. I’ve noticed it to be V-E-R-Y E-F-F-E-C-T-I-V-E. I can’t TELL you the number of times I have followed some RANDOM conservative lady … and 20 minutes later I’ll see …

Random Conservative Lady has favorited Pic # 1
Random Conservative Lady has favorited Pic # 2
Random Conservative Lady has favorited Pic # 3
Random Conservative Lady has RT’d Pic # 4
Random Conservative Lady has favorited Pic # 5

Without exaggeration, just last week I followed some random lady, and for the next 30 minutes my phone was blowing up. I must have had THIRTY RTs/favs. What does that mean? That means that she was just SLAPPED with the Mantra AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN …

… and I did ZERO work (think cost/benefit, time-invested/pay-off) other than FOLLOW her.

If BUGS is about experience-based results, hear this: This has happened


If you take this approach, I recommend (as I did above) mixing in pro-European pics. Stonehenge. Urquhart Castle. And lots and lots and lots of art. As an aside, I’ve basically taught myself Art History in the past six months using this strategy, LOL. I usually go 3 paintings for every 1 WGP/ARIACWFAW (on FB)/WGM3 (on FB) pic. Why? Because as Iceland Creator said on BUGS radio … nobody likes a fanatic. Exposing them to IMPLICITLY PRO-WHITE art and the beautiful things our race can achieve will keep them looking … then you SLAP them with Mantra. If it’s JUST Mantra pics, they won’t look as long, because they will think you are a “fanatic.”

(Mini-)Tip # 11: This is actually VERY “mini.” However, for the MOST bang for your buck (I actually don’t spend nearly as much time on Twitter as it seems), RT someone ELSE’S RT.

RTs and (and Fav’s, should you choose to use them like this) are social capital. Let’s say:

Conservative Man RTs Teaparty Woman
If you RT HIS RT, you’ll spread that “social capital” twice.

Conservative Man will see “BUGSter RT’d your RT” in his timeline, and Teaparty Woman will see “BUGSter RT’d your Tweet” in hers. Even though Conservative Man, like the ego-driven creature he is, will make a Frown Face inside that you didn’t RT one of HIS magnificent, world-changing Tweets, he’ll still know that you were looking through his timeline, and have his ego stroked a bit.

Tip (Idea) # 12:
Many shows nowadays live Tweet—whether its the actual “actors/comedians” (and it often is) or their producers—during shows. Eventually, it would be nice to have a concerted Swarm. I think it would be funny if Tosh, or the Impractical Jokers, or Talking Dead, were trying to sift through Tweets to put on TV, only to get bombarded with Mantra. That would 100% be talked about amongst the production crew. The downside of this is that the fantards might try mass-blocking you, leaving our accounts suspended. I suppose a Trial Run will answer that question at some point. New accounts could be created by people who didn’t want to lose theirs, or who didn’t have a lot invested … which leads me to …

(Mini-)Tip # 13: It’s been awhile since I read up on this, and Twitter’s rules change a lot, but as I recall, Twitter allows you to have multiple accounts, provided the accounts are for different purposes … but if you have an account in which you are invested, be very wary of creating a 2nd account and RTing your own stuff … it could cause you to lose both. Wanting to avoid that, @JMantraseed is my only account.

(Mini-)Tip # 14: Speaking of “fav’s” … it’s also a great time-saver if you are going to run errands, be at work, etc. As I use “fav’s” as place-holders and markings, I would usually “favorite” ten things before I went to work, and then on breaks, I would un-favorite and RT them. That way, you don’t have to go searching for stuff to RT … and you can literally just shoot crap out without so much as 5 seconds effort on your part.

Well, I’m sure I’ll think of more, but I’m a bit typed out. I hope someone out there find this useful.