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A Fanatically Nativist Amendment

Written by Bob Whitaker September 2nd, 2015

The thugs who run America do what despots have always done:

1) They refuse to answer any opponents and
2)  They call all opponents names.

We all know that Communist governments routinely suppress all dissent and call it Fascist, while all Fascist governments suppress criticism by calling it Communist.

In America the ruling thugs use the word “Racist” to silence opponents.

The ruling thugs also use the word “Nativist” against anyone who opposes open borders.

So what is the most fanatically nativist statement one could possibly make?

How about this: “In 1789 the United States was dedicated only to the welfare of Ourselves and OUR Posterity.”

No immigrants!

Impossible, right?

“Every civilization before modern whites was built on slavery.
Every Great Civilization before ours took starvation for granted.
Every other human culture did all the harm its power permitted.
Whites have never committed a single unique crime, but the list of unique white accomplishments is almost endless.
Anyone not aware of these obvious realities is a retard.” – RWW