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Santa Cruz Blog Mentions White Genocide

Apparently Santa Cruz community Blog/Free Weekly GoodTimes hasn’t received the memo that no one is allowed to mention white genocide.


That’s local KSCO talk show host Georgia “Peach” Beardslee, who routinely asks questions, like “Why is it that only black people loot in a crisis?”—as she did shortly after Hurricane Harvey on Wednesday, Aug. 30. During that same broadcast, she compared Santa Cruz’s Beach Flats community, a predominantly Latino, low-income neighborhood, to a “third-world country.” She accused Santa Cruz’s entire city government of being run by communists and wished UCSC a “nasty, fast death” for being a “communist school.”

She opened the show by decrying a “white genocide” that she claims many Americans have been simultaneously ignoring and perpetuating.

Anti-whites cannot refute the charge of white genocide through massive non-white immigration combined with forced assimilation into ALL white countries. And this article in GoodTimes doesn’t even try. It amounts to nothing more than saying “How dare you mention white genocide! That’s heresy to Political Correctness!”

It is said there is no such thing as bad publicity. This is correct if you have an effective message that’s true. Due to the efforts of a small group of pro-whites, the message of white genocide has permeated cyberspace to the point where it can no longer be ignored.

There’s only two things you can do with an effective meme:

1. Ignore it

2. Spread it

Thanks for the free publicity, GoodTimes!

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