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Bob Raw #016 – Using the Divisions and the REAL Campaign

Posted by Laura on September 25th, 2017 under Coaching Session, Politics

By Bob Whitaker

The big news at the beginning of this campaign was that Trump decided to go out and gather the fundamentalists, the usual prayers in schools, urgent issues like the ten commandments. He is doing what republicans always have done, which is why the country is practically gone now.

He is worried about dividing the country.

If you are going to take over a country politically you have to use the divisions that are there. You don’t sit around trying to act like they’re not there. That’s insane for a group that takes power in the teeth of the establishment.

For them then to turn around and say “they’re trying not to divide people up”, they’re divided dam it! Trump said he was going to build a $15M wall to divide it. So its a little late on that point. Its just so stupid. Its the same old crap.

In our sense the campaign started when Hilary used the term White Genocide. And no body took her seriously. Course we’ve noticed that Hilary could take her clothes off in public and nobody would notice. She’s just ice station Hilary and no one is all that interested in what she has to say.

But this was important because that use of White Genocide, copied straight from us Gang, that’s the actual news, certainly the campaign, we’re talking about campaign news, that’s not news for another stumblebum republican to dribble prayers in schools to another group of clergymen who are supposed to delivery their little whities the way black minsters delivery their blackies.

The second stage of the real campaign, which is what WE are conducting. I hope that gets through to you, we are conducting the REAL campaign.
When that kooky guy talked about all he wanted for Christmas is White Genocide. Now it is a measure of just how seriously Hilary is taken that she spoke as the national candidate and the phrase barely touched the airwaves. I mean they quoted her of course, she cant do anything that they wont quote, but it wasn’t up to the level of a joke. It was that bad.

This professor was taken seriously. The candidate for the national democratic party for president was not. There is a big lesson in that.

For one thing, everybody knows Hilary is not news. She’s the establishment, the elite as they call themselves. And what she says doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference. So when Hilary comes along and says something about White Genocide, she said something about immigration and birthers that I saw, that was quoted, and it just passed under the radar. And in that case its just that nobody cares. She’s such a bore.

So the real campaign is going to develop around our issues. And our issues are in fact dividing America. And people will say “but those are the issues that are dividing America”, well then those are the important issues aren’t they?

But National Review will say “Oh No, No, No, immigration, nobody cares about that, they’re worried about prayers in schools.”

So the real history of the campaign only contains a couple notes. In this case when White Genocide was first used and the contrast to the national figure that used it first and the fact that it got no reaction what so ever. Their own candidate, the left didn’t even pay attention to her.


Using the Divisions and the REAL campaign

  1. #1 by WmWhite on 10/03/2017 - 9:29 am

    I’ve always thought the emasculating call for ‘unity’ (lets all get along …please) was a false premise to disguise an anti-white agenda. Now Bob, from the grave, clarifies and makes sense out of an overused and spurious cliche.

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