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Why is this information produced?

Article re-post recommended by Fred R. Orginal article posted by Bob Whitaker 03/08/2014:

There are regular explanations of why public information is distorted.

Why is this information produced? Please get this question straight. I am asking why does the COUNTER information get produced in the form it does?

For example, we all realize that people on our side have little or no interest in what WORKS.

I came to realize this working for Republicans. It took me a long time to realize that the people who got paid to be Republicans were not interested in winning. It reminds me of an old and true definition of a political appointee: “He is someone who had a job which requires him to constantly talk about change while he hopes there are not changes.”

So when a new administration comes in, the administration appointees diddle with the organization chart. They move offices around and “reorganize” until they have found other ways to do nothing.

Professional Republicans want things to stay the way they are. How things are today is the way they make their living. I saw up close what happened when a group which had been professional opponents for decades were suddenly in power.

I remember that during the 1980 convention, CBS followed a lifetime professional Republican around while he complained, “I don’t, I don’t see anybody I know here.”

In any other case, the rhetoric would have been about thinking about bringing new people into the Party, the Big Tent. So why was the information this time a whine about all these strangers being there?

Obviously, the media were against THESE new people. THAT is why this information was produced.

As usual, though, Mantra thinking begins BEFORE other thinking starts. By the time someone says information is produced because The Jews want it produced, a Mantra Thinker will ask, “How is it that the information that the Jews want is produced?”

Obviously it not because attacks on Jews WORK. Information gets produced because there is a market for it.

The people who explain why the other side’s propaganda gets produced would never ask why their OWN does. But that is also information.

There is a MARKET for “The Jews Did It.”

There is a REWARD in being one of the True Intelligentsia in the Occidental. This reward is nowhere near the one TOO’s Mommy Professor’s opponents get paid for producing bullshit. But it is nonetheless a reward.

A reward we who seek only results will never receive.

BUGSERS put up with a lot from Ole Bob precisely because they are aware of what it cost me to get this information out.

You have learned that the hard way.



Memes vs Evidence

The world is roughly divided into three types of people:

-A minority of independent thinkers motivated by betterment.

-A minority of psychopaths motivated by viciousness.

-The majority who follow whichever group seems most powerful.

Now people involved in alternative news & research tend to belong to the first group – independent thinkers motivated by betterment. And wonderful as such people are, a common pitfall is to project their own independent natures onto others.

The assumption is: I am convinced by evidence, so everyone else will too!

But when this DOESN’T work…

Either they learn from it or they keep searching for “more convincing” evidence to sway the masses…………

Meanwhile, as BUGSERS know, and as the anti-white media knows:

MEMES drive the masses.

The memes we use to fight White Genocide rarely involve obscurities.

There are only about half a dozen such references that we really push. And by repeating them they start to become better known.

For example, the video by then-president Sarkozy where he calls for FORCED racial interbreeding in France.

That HAS to go viral. It is so devastating.

So we repeat it, again and again and again.

It has now been translated into various languages and is being picked up by the alternative media…

Yet there are only about half a dozen of such references that we really push. And they are as backup to our main attack.



Over View:

By Bob Whitaker:

The WW2 generation – Everyone was a hero.

But in reality, in an awful situation, you start begging to have the situation straightened out.

You start whimpering and talking to some self or “god”.

But in reality, we learn that what is happening has a mathematical outcome.

And the last thing you feel like doing is sitting down and figuring out what is going on.

Everything going on around you is cold hard math.

In politics, what hits the top of the news media is essentially fantasy. It is not based in reality, it is the same as believing that god will wave a wand for you in an awful situation.

The media is NOT indicative of what is going on, what IS indicative to what is going on is BUGS. We point out the simple truths, the reality, the math of a situation.


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Chapter 1: The “Elite” and their Sophomores

Prior to Bob’s passing, we had been working on putting together a book about The Fight Against White Genocide. He had written a few chapters. I am going to try and continue putting together what we had outlined using the articles he has posted here on BUGS and Whitaker online. He has written everything we could possibly need, covering every aspect of our fight. As Bob said, for him it was like living in Deja Vu.

By Bob Whitaker:
My years in Capitol Hill and as a (minor) Reagan appointee, but still “a member of the Administration” along with decades of campaigns demonstrate why my advice in this area is worth having.

In our society you claim the right to publish on a subject by quoting certain people in Manhattan who tell the reader he passes their muster and you should “read this one!”

But here I am asking you to read what I say because of my sixty years of actual down-and-dirty politics most of which were totally ignored in Manhattan.

What I was doing could not have been less interesting to the “elite” in California and the dictatorship of publication in New York.

My activities took place in the area that was openly called “Flyover Country” by the elites in New York and California. In fact, a major proportion of those who read this book will instantly recognize this “flyover country” attitude as exactly what caused our “elite” to lose the presidency in 2016.

In fact, Microsoft’s lead news page, MSN, made a HUGE slip up the morning after Trump won the 2016 election. Right after announcing Hillary Clinton’s defeat, the next headline was “Elite Is Shocked.”


Most of the people reading this will not need an explanation for the caps and the exclamation point above. But most of our reading public today consists, very literally, of “sophomores.”

Readers have no problem in explaining why a person in his first year of college is called a “freshman.”

It is no mystery as to why the two final years of a four-year college program are called “juniors” and “seniors.”

But nothing could be more unwelcome on campus than reminding people what a “sophomore” is and has been for centuries.

The word “sophomore” points out something that could not be more unwelcome on any campus today.

With a year of college, it is natural for the new second-year student to believe that he knows everything. Oliver Hardy explained why his character on Laurel and Hardy was so funny:

“Nothing is funnier than a dumb man who thinks he’s smart.”

In Laurel and Hardy, Laurel was a little guy who was hopelessly ignorant and stupid. But in the comedies, no one was more openly aware of his ignorance and other mental defects than the Laurel character himself. He was dumb and he knew it. He was ignorant but no one was more aware of that then the character up there on the big screen.

Hardy’s character up on the big screen a mere mortal could possibly know.

Centuries before the first Laurel and Hardy silent comedies, those who had completed their first year in college were immediately known as “sophomores.”

“A little learning is a dangerous thing,” was a truth that was old even back when the word “sophomore” was new.

Sophomore is a repeat of this old piece of wisdom. And it is not a condemnation. It is a stage we all went through at some point in our lives, and we have dished out foolishness when we thought we were being profound, and all of us do it more than once. You will find plenty of sophmorishness in this book.

If you think you have never dished out horseshit at some time when you thought you were Wisdom Personified, you badly need a reality check.

No one who honestly cannot remember being a loud-mouthed sophomore at some point in his life has totally missed the process of education.

When we hear a real sophomore going at it, it evokes a little smile the way a child’s playing the heroic cowboy does.

But a sophomore who never sees the reality of his own sophomorism evokes a sick feeling.

Seeing sophomores who never know they are being sophomoric give me a special kind of sick feeling, one that is unique. Anyone who has ever done work at what we were then allowed to call “a home for the retarded” will recognize the sick feeling I am taking about.

After we have worked with different levels of retardation I know that that term is probably considered Evil Hatred at this particular moment, but I am old and I simply cannot keep up with the latest words approved by the Thought Police at any given time.

As you work with different levels of retardation, you think that you are incapable of being shocked by anything. You see teenagers in diapers and the whole list, men and women right up the age scale, diapered and smiling at you.

But as they say, “just when you think you can cope with anything…”

That sick feeling overcame people most often when they went into the room where smiling men who needed a shave were there. Somehow that particular level made a surprisingly large percentage of people get sick, despite having gone through so many levels.

One incident really got to me.

One psychologist we were taking around got to the level that got to me. He was a lifelong left of left liberal. But after we left the area where the adult male patients resided, he began to sound like a Nazi propaganda film.

I mean that literally, I had seen a clip of a Nazi film about how they justified the killing of adult retarded people. It was a shock to hear this unapologetic liberal ranting about how those people should be KILLED!

“Put out of their misery” was the way he put it, but the last thing these men were was miserable. They were babies, but without the problems babies probably have.

What he meant, of course, was that this particular level was the one that got to him.

But my reaction to an entire generation of college students who will never grow out of their sophomorism gives me that same sick feeling.

Sophomore means wise fool and it has been used for many centuries. There is no substitute for it.

Sophomores today do what they have always done: Sophomores repeat what has been drilled into them…Sophomores divide the world into people who are “politically educated” (or some like term).  The “politically educated” repeat the phrases drilled into them by Mommy Professor or their priest or whoever else is in charge of the Established Religion of their age.

Sophomores present the Established Political or Religious Faith in its most nauseating form:

They think they represent True Sophistication.

The “elite” microsoft referred to was the group that achieve their status by leading millions of lifelong sophomores.

Right or left, the sort of people who gain total power in a society often have a characteristic in common:

These “elites” take both sides and no one has the means to challenge them.

So a fascist or Communist ruling group is a self-declared “elite,” but at the same time they claim to speak for “The Common People.”

Our ruling elite makes someone a “celebrity” by simply calling them that, like a King giving out knighthoods. They used to put almost the entire population of America into their “flyover country” category.