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Is “Traditionalism” a Wordism?

One of the greatest coinages by Ol’ Bob is “Wordism”.

A Wordism is ANY worldview that subverts biological identity.

It is obvious when considering worldviews such as Marxism / Communism, where the useful idiot is meant to filter EVERYTHING through the blinkers of economic class warfare.

But even Wordisms that are believed to be pro-white actually SUBVERT white survival.

A case in point may be “Traditionalism” (it’s name is also a give-away: an “-ism”).

As with any Wordism, it is based on loyalty to Words: in Traditionalism’s case, interpretations of history / prehistory.

Traditionalism hearkens back to a supposed Golden Age. But even the ancient sources contain fundamental contradictions, such as that Kronos / Saturn ruled over the “Golden Age”, but that god was reportedly a monster and overthrown!

Such contradictions abound in Traditionalism.

The polytheistic author, Savitri Devi, considered the pharaoh Akhenaton to be enlightened, even though Devi quoted sources showing that Akhenaton was a monotheist and an iconoclast, who also repeatedly allowed Egyptian territory to be taken over by foreign invaders, the Habiru / Hebrews(?)

Another Traditionalist, Julius Evola, considered Buddha Gautama to be pro-white, even though Gautama admittedly tried to escape the physical world, and Gautama convinced many people to attempt this too! He even convinced a male relative to abandon his bride, so that they could renounce the world together!

Everywhere you turn there are such fundamental contradictions in Traditionalism.

Even the Hyperborean myth, that Traditionalists cite to say we come from the extreme north, even though Whites hardly live there, but rather Inuits, Eskimos and Sami…

Not saying that all the writing within Traditionalism is fundamentally flawed, but as soon as something becomes an “-ism” there should be alarm bells going off in your mind.