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A candidate can still be an American Citizen

Originally posted by Bob on October 7th, 2016:

I think I should announce my candidacy for president in 2020 now or let it be known I will, and I will announce the reason:

First, I would defy our rulers and be the best president in American history. I am perfectly sincere in seeking the office. But there is a second reason I ran for president this time and I will want to become a candidate as soon as possible.

During my official candidacy in 2016, I enjoyed many of the rights an American citizen took for granted before September 11, 2001.

For this brief period I have enjoyed the protection of the first amendment which no longer applies to Americans. I could state what everybody knows, that so-called “diversity” has become a program of locating concentrations of White people and — I mean this literally, chasing them down.

We all know that chasing down White people involves international immigration, by bringing in more non-Whites from non-White countries and placing them in any area in America containing with what our establishment chooses to call “too many White people.”

Areas with what they call too many White people are to be subjected to the program to bring the population mix into line with government-imposed standards.

Everybody knows that that is what diversity is, but we found that there is a ban from coast to coast against anyone, except a presidential candidate, to call this program of “diversity” what it is: chasing down White people.

Like all bans on free speech, this ban on calling chasing down White people by its real name is not called censorship any more.

Violations of free speech are never called violations of free speech. Suppression of free speech always has a different label. Words are banned because they violate “decency” under new definition of decency. photo freesp.png

Free speech banned heresy as insulting people because of their religion. So calling “chasing down White people” as what it is, which is chasing down White people, which it clearly is, is banned by declaring that saying “chasing down White people” is a violation of “community standards.”

No one is allowed to question this. No one even imagines finding any precedent for our previous use of these new “community standards.”

Anti-Whites simply say ban it and it is banned.

No mere citizen has the right or the financial resources to question this banning of anything they disapprove of as a “violation of community standards”.

Decades ago when the big news was that some Black Panthers committing violent acts were shot by policemen, the press accepted the Black Panther statement that this police action was “Black genocide.”

No one seriously challenged it. But now any person saying that a national policy of finding and chasing down White people is WHITE genocide is banned. Anyone who uses that term has been fired, their careers ruined.

I do not enjoy living in a society where freedom of speech and freedom of the press is denied to anyone who is not politically correct. As so many tyrannies have discovered, freedom can be addictive. This is why every single Communist country, every country that declares itself a “Workers’ Paradise,” must be surrounded by a wall and by men ordered to shoot to kill any who attempts to escape.

Freedom has certainly become addictive to me. I want to return to being a person with rights under the first amendment as soon as possible.

I want to be a candidate again in any way I can and as soon as I can the moment my rights from the election of 2016 expire.

I hope that some Americans find freedom as addictive as I do.