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A reminder from Bob of his wishes for BUGS

Posted by Laura on January 23rd, 2018 under Coaching Session

Below is an excerpt from Bob’s article – “Bugsers are Doing a Great Job In Our Internal Fights” (Originally posted by Bob Whitaker September 30th, 2014.)

As BUGSers it is up to ALL of us to continue on Bob’s teachings. For us to keep reading and re-posting his articles here on BUGS in an effort to coach the next generation. Bob’s work has laid out everything we need to keep teaching his method of what WORKS! Like Fred R did, we need suggestions of Bob’s old articles as you guys are reading and referencing them.

Eyeslevel has created a document of all Bob’s articles from his original site from the beginning. I will begin posting those on here each day or two unless others have suggestions and articles that are in line with something current.

It our time to take the lead for Coach!

“Allow me to repeat for the hundredth time that I determined, no matter how small or unfunded, I wanted a group to keep up my life’s work.

This is the opposite of what a Leader might desire. He might want his disappearance to throw his organization into limbo, like the National Alliance.

My ideal is exactly the opposite: I have provided in my will for the little money BUGS needs and named a person to provide it whom I trust, but they will CONTINUE BUGS.

They will not RUN it.

YOU will run it. 

As far as our purposes are concerned, my ideal is that my passing away will not cause a bump in our road.

My life has been dedicated to the survival of my race far beyond my lifetime.

The biggest problem I find now is writers to follow me. I am happy to have them now.

The reason I don’t have writers is because opinions are easy, but writing is WORK.

We have SysOps, we have Laura, we even have Linux deciding to worry about the cause rather than whatever he thought I did to him.

As I have said before, people who are dedicated as we are to something besides getting ahead by going along are going to be a bunch of loose cannons.”

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