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NEW – Stickers, Banners & Yard Signs now available on FWG

FWG now has Stickers, Banners & Yard Signs available for purchase for your activism needs.

People who don’t have the guts to post the Mantra in bathroom stalls do not make revolutions.” – Bob
A Little Less Respectability, A Little More GUTS

Todays pro-Whites are the new Samizdat.

Samizdat was anonymous. Samizdat fully accomplished what it set out to do. Samizdat had an impossible aim, to bring down the Soviet Empire. It was done.

We can destroy the genocide system anonymously. We can save our race anonymously. We can do this by getting our memes into the public discourse. 

We are demanding the worlds attention to our message as we point out that ‘diversity’ = White Genocide and that “multiculturalism” and “diversity”, in All and Only White countries, are nothing more than code words for the biggest Genocidal scam in history! White Genocide.

Getting the messages out there is so effective at breaking down the conditioning of white people. Just as communism fell, so will the religion of political correctness and the sickness that is white self hatred.

There are so many ways people can anonymously get active in spreading the message about White Genocide. Our team has been discussing some of these creative alternate ways.

One we have started doing is painting our memes on rocks or shells and leaving them places for people to find.  

LL came up with the great idea of screen printing some shirts and putting them on the racks in thrift stores. Remember the guy from the Boston Free Speech Rally who wore the “STOP White Genocide” t-shirt? Such a simple shirt got National attention.

What other activism ideas do you have?