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Beware the Concern Troll!

A concern troll is someone who pretends to be on your side but tries to convince you to do something ineffective or even counter-productive. For us, that means someone trying to get people to talk about anything BUT white genocide. They’re trying to steer away people who might be willing to help us. That means they’re not only trying to convince people not to use our methods, but also to not support us in any way, such as with money or word of mouth praise or by directing people to our websites.

How to respond to concern trolls?

We developed our methods through thousands of hours of interacting with anti-whites in the field. If you think you have something better, try it out and get back to us.

White genocide is a tough sell? What made you think taking power would be easy?

We have to appeal to normies? The reason the anti-whites are in power is because people think the way anti-whites want them to think. If you want to take power you have to CHANGE the way people think, not just appeal to them the way they are. Our job is to IMPOSE terminology.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton mentioned white genocide.

White genocide immediately gives you the moral high ground.

There is already a law on the books against genocide. There is no international law against replacement or any other euphemism you can concoct because you don’t want to say genocide.

Bob Whitaker brought down one evil empire. What’s your track record?

Why should we do something that’s been tried for 80 years and failed?

Why should anyone trust someone who won’t use their real name, you ask? We’re fighting the power structure. Our people are fired, deplatformed and even jailed for political activity. Of course we may want to stay anonymous. In fact, anyone who ISN’T anonymous is suspect until proven otherwise.