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Defeatism is the ONLY Enemy

Originally posted by Bob on July 16th, 2008 –

As a teenager I read the official West Point history of Warfare, War Through the Ages, a number of times. It was a thousand pages long. It emphasized EXACTLY the point that the Greatest Generation ignored.

You see, the self-styled Greatest Generation wanted to show how TOUGH they were. To be frank, I have known a lot of people who fought on about every side and on every front in World War II, and every single non-American said Americans were the worst troops in it, save maybe the Italians.

Those who adopted War Through the Ages back then were not trying to prove how tough they were. They were pros and knew it.

War Through the Ages emphasized REAL morale. That is, the book described each battle in detail, but it had one theme: having the biggest army is the same as having good propaganda. Alexander the Great was routinely outnumbered umpteen to one AND THE ARMY THAT BROKE AND RAN BEFORE HIM STILL OUTNUMBERED HIM UMPTEEN TO ONE.

Also, War Through the Ages did NOT say the members of the giant armies that broke and ran on so many battles were made up of wimps or novices. That is Greatest Generation crap.

So how did Alexander and Robert E. Lee and Napoleon get superior forces to fall apart in front of them?

There were about as many of the enemy when they ran away as when the battle began. There was ONE difference and one difference ONLY. The army that ran was CONVINCED IT HAD LOST.

That was ALL.

That is why “Power comes from the barrel of a gun!!!” is such a silly statement. In many a battle, the losing side came and ran with more gun barrels.

The ONLY job of the enemy, with or without guns, is to convince us we are defeated. Those who try to convince us we are defeated, by any means, anywhere, is the enemy.



Siegecraft: Next Step

Originally posted by Bob on his National website. I’m not sure of the original post date. This is a fantastic reminder from Bob!

I call this “Next Step” because we are developing a group that can continue without me. I pride myself above all on being a teacher. That is why I keep ranting about the fact that there is no Whitakerism.

Whitaker who has a Whitakerism is a Mommy Professor, not a teacher. The whole idea of teaching, AT THE SEMINAR LEVEL, is to produce NEW graduates, not talking doll repeaters. You are supposed to learning to do what I do.

You are supposed to make sure that my METHOD OF THINKING doesn’t end with me. I am trying to create something that BEGINS with Whitaker, not something that ENDS with me.

Which reminds me. The Masturbation Generation will tell you that only someone who has been in combat knows what war is about. This is crap. All I ever learned from being shot at was the interesting fact that, if the incoming was heavy enough, I could dig a hole in solid rock with my nose.

As a strategic principle, this observation had little value.

By contrast, the man who developed the “line ahead” formation that cemented British naval supremacy for a century never set foot on a ship. Those whose experience consisted of staying alive and looking brave in the storm of iron cannon balls, flying lethal shards of wood, and snipers demeaned him.

But while they were being Heroic, he looked UP. He saw the total picture.

In our life-and-death debate, the most important debate the world has ever seen, I look UP.

When an anti-white answered the Mantra by reciting the Sins of the White Race, I replied, “You are justifying genocide. There is no justification for genocide.”

If I had not said that, no one would have. But someone else on SF had the wits to keep reminding him of what I had caught him at. After that combination he gave up.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of the person who would not let him off the hook.

I handed him the critical ammunition. But no one else had the dedication, the concentration, to USE it. Please try, TRY to see how critical that was.

How can I make this clear? The point is not to prove you are brave. The point is not to prove that you are no ignorant redneck. The point, the ONLY point, is to SAVE OUR RACE.

When some anti-white says he’s white, implying he is OBJECTIVE, I point out that it is amazing that someone would BRAG that he is a traitor.

NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT. I make the point that ALL traitors claim that they are merely being objective. NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT. I say that this Christian self-denial stuff does not make you some kind of saint for damning your own people.

NO ONE DOES THAT BUT ME. And I am SICK of repeating it alone.

And no one EVER backs me up when I say that. They want to look smart, not like they are repeating what somebody else said.

If you want to see how that kind of thinking works in real warfare, imagine everybody using a muzzle-loader instead of a machine gun.

Think about how long the Thin Red Line would have survived against the Zulus if everybody had decided he did not want to be just like the rest.

LIFT YOUR HEAD UP. Go back to the BASICS, what this fight is ABOUT.

And if someone else does it first, for God’s sake, don’t let the enemy off the hook! Anything else you say is A STRIKE AGAINST our racial survival!

God DAMN* it, gang, I want SOMEBODY ELSE to lift their head up out of the current argument and DO that!

REMEMBER what war this is ABOUT, not what the anti said last.

* Literally. Dante’s Tenth Circle of Hell is for TRAITORS.


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