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Cronkite and McCain, Moles

Posted by Laura on August 29th, 2018 under Coaching Session, History, How Things Work

By Bob Whitaker

In the 1980 election, a lot of hard-leftists in the Democratic Party didn’t want to elect the first Southerner on their ticket since 1844. That was not bigotry like being against Obama. Liberal Republicans didn’t want Reagan. So John Anderson ran on his own far-left ticket.

Walter Cronkite offered to be his vice-presidential candidate. Near the end of his career, Cronkite even told journalism classes about what conservative stories he specifically suppressed. That was the end, which you won’t hear mentioned, of his time as “The Most Trusted Man in America.”

Before that, Cronkite’s image was that of the Middle American.

In the intelligence business, as you know, such people are called “moles.” They are traitors, but they are more despicable than open traitors. A Cronkite or a McCain is far more useful to the enemy than a Ted Kennedy. While Kennedy stands openly for the left, a McCain does not back leftists except when the vote is close.

And that, of course, is the only time it really matters. McCain ran on an anti-gun control platform and voted against Kennedy-type gun issues when it was clear they stood no chance. But when a move against guns stood a chance, he was always there with liberals.

On every other liberal issue, McCain always tipped the balance by being “reasonable.” He ran on his being tortured in Vietnam, but he was generally recognized as being the best friend Vietnam had in Congress.

In South Carolina, the most effective anti-gun lobby is called The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). Like the rest of SLED, its anti-gun lobbying is paid for by the state. They delayed concealed carry laws so that SC, though one of the most pro-gun electorates in America, was one of the last to pass one.

Then SLED demanded every restriction on CCW it could find. CCW permit holders have far fewer rights than with the permits SLED and other law enforcement used to give to their buddies.

SLED manages its mole status because South Carolinians are turned off by open gun ban advocates, but worship costumes. We have the highest percentage of veterans of all the states, and we grovel before Law and Order. So SLED, in its police costumes, is the perfect anti-gun lobby.

We are all aware of the role respectable conservative moles play in making liberalism advance, and without them liberalism would not SURVIVE.

But the Stormfront types don’t look at the moles. They have pictures of Jews in yarmulkes. I have pointed out that the Jews who hate us LEAST are the Orthodox ones. The ones whose Judaism has become nothing but hate are the totally Reformed ones.

Our worst enemies are the ones like McCain, who wore a costume and sold us out where it counted.

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